Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Get your Divinity Degree from the Church of Ineffable Stupidity

There is a broad, deep, and growing discontentment in America. . . What is happening? Simply put, our global society is on a collision course with something else - the explosive growth of technological change.

A “Uni-Tea,” Bi-Lateral, Tri-Sermon

On Saturday, Tea Baggers hold a racially pure, Uni-Tea party in the city of brotherly love, highlighting avowed racist and serial video liar, Andrew Breitbart. They predict hundreds of thousands. No one shows up.

The “Cheney has no pulse” Sermon

30 some years following his first heart attack, some new technology was installed in Dick Cheney's chest, effectively bypassing his entire heart. The impeller blades, spinning at several thousand RPM, now move what purports to be human blood throughout his body and brain, without any beat at all.

A Kiss of Death for Vaughn Ward and the GOP Young...

"I'm happy to support Vaughn Ward for Congress!" Sarah Palin.