JFK: A virgin and a White House affair

President John F. Kennedy (left), the 19-year-old college sophomore Mimi Alford (right) who lost her virginity to the president on the White House bed of Jackie Kennedy (bottom)

Illicit sexual activity did not arrive at the White House in Washington when Donald Trump became president.

He’s just the latest adulterer to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bill Clinton’s infidelities and sexual escapades are well-documented, including the oral sex that left a splatter of his semen on 19-year-old Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

He wasn’t the first president to bed a teenage intern in the White House.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy found a teenaged Wheaton College student he met so infatuating he arranged her to get an unasked-for internship at the White House during his presidency and took her virginity on the bed used by first lady Jackie.

Mimi Beardsley Alford detailed how Kennedy also pushed her to perform oral sex on a White House aide so he could watch and then suggested she do the same for younger brother Ted Kennedy because “he needed cheering up.”

Alford said she did go down on presidential aide Dave Powers as he watched but refused to do the same on Ted.

Kennedy moved fast on Alford.  Just a few days after she arrived at the White House as a 19-year-old intern, he invited the beautiful girl for a swim and then took her to the first lady’s bedroom.

“I wouldn’t describe what happened that night as making love, but I wouldn’t call it nonconsensual either,” she later wrote in her book: “Once Upon a Secret: My affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath.”

Their 18-month relationship ended when Kennedy died n 1963

“I’m not going to say he loved me, but I think he did like me a lot,” she recalls.

Revealing the relationship did not bring hasty denials but confirmations from others.

Robert Dallek’s acclaimed Kennedy Biography “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963, describes “a tall, slender, beautiful nineteen-year-old college sophomore” who was often with him

Barbara Gamarekian, former press side to Kenndey, says Alford “has a sort of a special relationship with the president…the sort of thing that legitimate newspaper people don’t write about and don’t even make any implications about.:

Alford kept quiet about her relationship with Kennedy for 40 years but went public after reporters tracked her down in 2003. Dallek says Alford’s admissions about her affair with is “entirely credible” and calls the incident with Powers “disgusting” but believable.

He said he wrote about Alford in his book as a reference to the changing social mores of the country.  When Kennedy was president, reporters in Washington knew about his adultery and other sexual antics but never wrote about it.

Kennedy’s libido may have been unreported at the time, but it was the topic of much discussion at parties in Washington during his presidency.

His affair with Marilyn Monroe is now well known.  Lesser known was his on-again-off-again affair with an artist, Mary Pinchot Meyer, who later died from a gunshot attack in Georgetown in a crime that remains unsolved.

Kennedy also had the hots for Meyer’s sister, Antoinette “Tony” Meyer, then married to Newsweek Washington reporter Ben Bradlee, who would later become editor of the Washington Post.

On May 29, 1963, Kennedy had about two dozen guests aboard the presidential Yacht Sequoia for his 46th birthday and spent most of the evening “pursuing” Tony Bradlee.  The guests included actors David Niven and Peter Lawford, married to Kennedy’s sister Pat.

Tony Bradlee remembered that evening all too well.

“I was running and laughing as he chased me. He caught up with me in the ladies’ room and made a pass,” Tony Bradlee later recounted. “It was a pretty strenuous attack, not as if he pushed me down, but his hands wandered. I said, ‘That’s it, so long.’ I was running like mad.”

“I guess I was pretty surprised, but I was kind of flattered, and appalled, too.”

Appalling, perhaps, but not surprising.

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Trump’s lifestyle choices should sicken Americans

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Privately, aides of embattled and scandal-plagued president Donald Trump admit he could be in serious trouble as federal authorities continue to search the residences of serial child molester Jeffry Epstein and recover photos, datebooks and other information where Trump’s images and name appears too often for comfort.

The information, sources close to the investigation say, shows Trump had a far closer relationship than he admits up until late last year when he ordered Mar-a-Lago to banish him from the private resort and club.

Datebooks show Trump was a frequent guest at Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan and in Palm Beach not far from Mar-a-Lago.  Other materials show daughter Ivanka Trump has been in the house in New York City during her teenage years.

One source says Secret Service agents uncovered “unsettling” information about Epstein’s activities and warned the president to stay away from him.

What they worry about, however, is how many contacts Trump had with Epstein before he became president and whatever activities he may have been involved in at that time.

“The president enjoyed a freewheeling lifestyle before he came president,” said one source.  “That is a cause for concern.”

It is important to understand this is “raw” information that has not yet been vetted.  However, Trump has often bragged about his adulterous activities, his enjoyment of the company of pornographic actresses and his habit of molesting women by “grabbing their pussies” because “that’s what they really want.”

He admits authorizing the payoff to porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about her claims of sexual contact with him.  He agreed with Howard Stern when the shock jock called daughter Ivanka a ‘piece of ass” and Trump responded she has always been “voluptuous..”

Trump’s actions with his daughter have raised eyebrows in some areas and concerns from friends and relatives.  When asked, in a TV interview, what he and Ivanka have in common, he replied: “I was going to say ‘sex,” which caused the interviewer to say that a “Woody Allen” moment.  Allen had admitted sexual contact with his step-daughter.

He has publicly said his daughter is “one of the great beauties of the world” and adds “she’s got the best body.”

Newsweek reports on this comment by documentarian Michael Moore:

Donald Trump “was given a pass” on being “handsy” with his eldest daughter on television and having pictures taken for magazines with her on his lap kissing him. Moore said Donald Trump’s hands were “always too low on the hips and always too high on the chest” of Ivanka Trump when she was younger.

Moore adds that Trump’s actions are “one piece of what makes him a truly evil person.”

On another Howard Stern radio show, Trump admitted he liked seeing teenage girls naked in the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen USA pageant:

Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting. You know, I’m inspecting because I want to make sure that everything is good.”

You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.

Contestants called Trump “the sick pervert that we have to put up with.

Former Miss Teen USA contestants —  including one who was 15 at the time —  reported in 1997 that Trump walked into the dressing area while they were changing.

“He leered at us,” one said.  “I felt sick.”

Writes Shaun King in The New York Daily News:

Donald Trump is a lot of things.

He’s a bigot.

He’s a con-man.

He’s also a Grade A pervert. I don’t even know if “pervert” is a strong enough word, actually. The longer our nation is forced to hear about Donald Trump, the more we continue to learn about just how terrible of a human being he truly is.

Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, in a sworn deposition, stated that he raped her in 1989. She described it as such to her closest confidantes on several occasions.

Donald Trump is also president of the United States.  What does that say about this nation?

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Sex, booze, drugs and the naked truth about members of Congress

It’s no secret that members of Congress get drunk, screw around and do stupid things.

They always have and they always will.

Power is a natural aphrodisiac.

“Washington is basically a very horny city,” former lobbyist Paula Parkinson once said.

Parkinson should know. She was a free-spirited sort who cavorted with Republicans, including disgraced Illinois Congressman Tom Railsback and former vice president Dan Quayle.

“I don’t do Democrats,” Parkinson would say.

But she did Republicans…a lot of them.

Ironically, Parkinson spent party weekends with both Railsback and Quayle in Tampa — site of the upcoming Republican Presidential convention — in a condo where sex, booze and drugs dominated the agenda.

Quayle denied any improper activity with Parkinson but she tells a different story.

“We flirted a lot and danced extremely close and suggestively,” Parkinson said of the weekends in Florida. “He said he wanted to make love.”  Did they? Parkinson said they did.  She also banged Republican Delaware Rep. Tom Evans, among others.

Parkinson wold later appear in Playboy magazine as part of the nude pictorial “The women of Washington.” Her photo was explicit enough to prove she wasn’t a natural blonde.

Some claim stories about the sexual romps of elected officials isn’t news.  We at Capitol Hill Blue disagree, especially when the fun and games involve holier-than-thou family values types who preach Godliness in the daytime and screw around at night.

Hypocrites like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who replaced two wives with mistresses and enjoyed blow jobs in the front seats of cars.  Gingrich publicly dissed President Bill Cinton for his dalliances with intern Monica Lewinsky while he was bedding then committee aide Calista Bisek behind his wife’s back.  Gingirch later dumped his wife and married Bisek.

Democrats do the same things, including former powerful committee chairmen like Wilbur Mills, who frolicked with stripper Fannie Fox and Wayne Hayes, who put his mistress Elizabeth Ray on his Congressional office staff.

But Democrats don’t tout family values as vehemently and hypocritically as Republicans.

According to published reports, Florida Rep. Steve Southerland, another holier-than-thou right winger, stripped down with his daughter and other Republican Congressmen and at least one Congressional wife and plunged drunk into the Sea of Galilee last year during a taxpayer-funded junket to Israel.

Southerland claims it was a religious experience. Did his daughter find God while cavorting in the altogether in the water with a bunch of old-fart Republicans?

Holier-than-thou Republicans sometimes find themselves in hot water because of the antics of their staffs. Jessica Cutler worked for GOP Senator Mike DeWine from Ohio while authoring a racy blog that brought temporary fame, scandal, a lawsuit and a Playboy pictorial.

There used to be an old joke about the differences between Democrats and Republicans.  Two examples:

Republican men always marry Republican women but they date Democratic girls first to have a little fun.

Democrats make love with the lights on and curtains open…and shouldn’t.  Republicans make love with the lights out and curtains drawn…and needn’t.

But the old fogeys of the Grand Old Party apparently know how to party when the doors are closed and then they get downright haughty when some of their sexual romps come to light.

When those sexual romps involve members of the same sex, the hypocrisy meter goes off the scale.

How many Republicans rant and rail against homosexuals and then turn out to be either bi-sexual or gay?

Many:  Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Mike Huffington, Jim Kolbe, Steve Gunderson, and others.

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