In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Trump running out of lies as virus reality sets in

First, Trump claimed the coronavirus was a “hoax.” Then he said it could be “handled.” Then the U.S., he claimed, was “leading the way” in fighting the pandemic. Then he would have businesses up and running by Easter. Then he ran out of lies and had to accept the reality and horror. Or has he?

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Trump’s big promises on COVID-19: Mostly lies

As president, Trump believes he is still a self-proclaimed “super-salesman” and reality TV host. He makes big boasts and big promises but when the facts fall short, as they often do in his claims on the coronavirus pandemic, he lies a lot more.

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Trump resorts to attacks, lies, insults

He declares two split votes “total acquittal” and calls Democrats “evil” and “corrupt” and suggests retributions against those who put America and the Constitution before his own greed and corruption.

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