Ryan, Cantor appear secretly at Koch gathering in New Mexico

Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan: Catering to the ultra-rich at Koch gathering. (AP)
Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan: Catering to the ultra-rich at Koch gathering.  This photo was taken in Washington, not at the Koch confab. (AP)

Charles and David Koch, the ultra conservative energy brothers who already control the Republican Party and want to control the nation as well, brought in the usual suspects to deliver the standard right-wing lines to their following of rich conservatives who gathered covertly just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico last weekend.

Among those who spoke and laid out plans for the upcoming mid-term elections next year and the Presidential contest in 2016 were tea party puppets like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia and failed vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

What details did they provide to the right-wing rich?  Nobody is saying for sure, but sources close to the gathering — one of two that the Koch brothers host each year to map out the conservative campaign for absolute control say both Cantor and Ryan were “well received” and mapped out plans that they feel will achieve success at the ballot box.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, one those anointed as a right winger who has her “head on straight,” also spoke to the gathering at the ultra-expensive  Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort in Bernalillo where hired security blocked off roads and turned away reporters from Albuquerque and national media.

The invitation-only event is listed by the Kochs as a gathering to “discuss solutions to our most pressing issues and strategies to promote policies that will help grow our economy, foster free enterprise and create American jobs.”

The Kochs, of course, are the primary financial backers of the tea party movement, an interesting irony that two of the nation’s richest men back what is purported to be a “grass roots” movement of “ordinary people.”

“The Kochs are a fraud,” former tea party activist Gary Lawson tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “They seek to control everything for their rich brethren and they often do so with phony movements.”

Ryan and Cantor both have deep ties to the Kochs and flew into New Mexico on a private jet owned by the brothers.

Secrecy surrounding the meeting was so tight that Americans for Prosperity, the primary political funding operation of the brothers, claimed it didn’t know anything about the event.  Gov. Martinez refused to discuss any details and a spokesman for her office told the Albuquerque Tribune that the state’s governor “attended a private political event at the Tamaya where she gave brief remarks and had casual meetings with several national political leaders, including Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Congressman Paul Ryan.”

Albuquerque is now also the home base for longtime Koch consultant Eddie Mahe, who owned  The Eddie Mahe Company, the Washington “strategic business consulting company” that created for the core groups that later became  FreedomWorks a political operation that was started by former Texas Congressman Dick Armey and spawned the tea party out of another phony grassroots operation.

Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson worked for Eddie Mahe as a senior communications adviser from 1994-2002.  When asked about the meeting, Thompson laughed and said “how the hell would I know?  First and foremost, I’m independent media and independent media has no role or use in any activity involving the Kochs.”

Enhanced by ZemantaWhen asked if he was invited, Thompson laughed again and responded “no way.  I’m the enemy to those folks because I believe power in this nation belongs to the people, not the rich or the right-wing.”
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