Is our president a decent person?

Donald Trump gleefully ogles and photographs a Playboy model.

If folks can step back from the partisan bickering and political grandstanding, perhaps each can answer a basic question about our current president:

Is Donald Trump a decent person?

Does a decent person publicly brag about the adulterous affairs he has enjoyed in his sexually-charged life?

Does a decent person depend on his father to provide free rent for years to a doctor who provided a questionable diagnosis for a bone spur to avoid military service during the Vietnam war?

Would a decent person use fraudulent tax evasions to fatten his bank account and strip his father from his millions of collars?

Is the use of a foundation’s funds to pay for extravagant expenses for personal reasons a valid act of a decent person?

Would a decent person shell out more than a hundred thousand dollars in payments to a pornographic movie actress to keep her from talking about an affair that he claims never happened unless he had, in fact, engaged in such actions?

Does a decent person evade payments of small-business vendors who worked on his building projects and drag them through courts to try and stop valid payments owed for contractual services?

Does a decent person brag about assaulting women by “grabbing their pussies?

Does a decent person try to force his wife to pose nude for Playboy magazine?

Does a decent person sexually assault his underage daughter?

Does a decent person rape a child, a wife or a business associate?

The list above is only part of the many documented items that dominate the perverted and corrupt life of the current president of the United States.

Trump, sadly, is not alone among American presidents with questionable values.  Bill Clinton turned the Oval Office of the White House into his personal sexual playpen.  John F. Kennedy took the virginity of a young woman on the First Lady’s bed in the White House, among other sexual liaisons.  Congress also has sexual perverts who screw women as often as they screw the country.

How much of this does America have to endure before someone says “enough” and demands at least a modicum of decency and civility in our elected leaders?

The bottom line is that Donald John Trump is a sick, demented, perverted man who preys on many victims and gets away with it.

Yet he is endorsed by evangelical preachers who claim to place “morality” and “values” as important necessities for public leaders.

Why?  Is his claimed support on issues like an outright ban on abortions enough to overlook his long list of transgressions?

Perhaps, many of the people who support and vote for him just as sleazy and perverted as he.  Is his base a seething collection of racists, bigots, haters, sexual molesters, liars, crooks and thieves?

That thought staggers the mind.

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Fake news? Nope. Fake president

Donald Trump: Insane or worse?

Donald John Trump, the president of more than 10,000 lies during his time in the White House, spews a lot of rhetorical diarrhea about so-called “fake news” by the media that is doing its job to expose his corruption, unethical conducts, and plundering of the U.S. Treasury to feed his overblown ego.

As heretical, extreme right-wingers cheer his every antic and exploit, Trump and his minions drive what once was a great nation closer and closer to the brink.

He lavishes praise on dictators and leaders who kill their own, presides over a failed immigration system that separates children from their families, brags about grabbing women “by their pussies” and fuels a racist, violent segment of America that spews hate and kills.

Trump is a despotic lunatic who unleashes uncontrolled temper tantrums, ignores the Constitution, the law and turns America into a laughing stock on the world stage.

His actions are fed by a mad mob laced with haters, racists, homophobic bigots who promote white supremacy, nationalism and cries of “making America great” through bullying, lies and dishonor.

Trump is a traitor to this country.  So is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and most of the Republicans in the House and Senate of Congress.  They allow a con artist like Trump and his family of gypsy-land thieves to loot the nation.

Trump and Kim: Two overweight slobs with bad haircuts.

At the DMZ between North and South Korea, we sawTrump and the equally-despotic Kim face to face — two fat slobs with bad haircuts.

Fact-checking services find his torrent of lies will soon reach 11,000, his violations of the law are even higher and the foul odor of his presence in Washington permeates the air.

He “communicates” by Twitter tweets filled with misspelled words, grammatical errors and conflicting statements and arguments.  He lies and then says he “didn’t say that” when caught, even when video or recordings show he did.

On this Independence Day, it is time to start taking strong action to drive these thugs out of Washington and our government.  Trump should be behind bars.  So should McConnell and any other member of Congress that helps him.

It is time to free America from the despots in Washington.

Fake news?

Hell no.

A fake president of a fake government in a phony place called Washington, DC.

Time to clean house, particularly that one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue along with that other House at the Capitol and the Senate too.

Then fumigate the place.

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Support Trump? Then you are a traitor to America

America’s tarnished president, Donald John Trump, has told 4,229 lies in 558 days.

Fact-checking services, which depend on truth and not hyperbole, documents Trump averages 7.6 lies a day — almost double the 4/9 lies he told at the beginning of his sordid time in the White House.

In his first year as president, he told 2,140 false or misleading claims.  Now, just six months into his second year, the total is almost double, primarily because he averaged 16 lies a day in June and July.

No president in American history has lied so often, so flagrantly and so routinely as Donald John Trump.

Even worse, no leader of America has openly coddled up to and sucked up to enemies of the nation, from the unbalanced leader of North Korea to the killer dictator of Russia.

So the liar is also a contemptible traitor, a tyrant elected to office by a minority of voters in the 2016 election, a treasonous president with known ties to the Russian mob and a criminal under investigation by a special counsel, the Department of Justice, the New York Attorney General and the Maryland Attorney General.

No other president in history has been sued by so many small business vendors as those who have against Trump for non-payment of bills for work on his real estate projects.  No president has declared bankruptcy for as many times as Trump.  He is the only president in American history charged with raping a 13-year-old model in Manhattan or sexually harassing so many women in filed statements.

No president except Trump has paid off as many women to keep quiet about their affairs.  No other president in American history was taped bragging about “grab ’em by their pussies” as his version of foreplay or laughed on the radio when a shock jock called his daughter “a piece of ass.”

And no other recent president in American history has refused to release tax returns and withdraw from his business interests to prevent getting rich by deals with foreign governments.  Trump continues to pocket millions from foreign governments that stay at his hotel in Washington and his extravagant golf resorts.

Donald John Trump is a liar, a crook, a con man, a serial sexual predator and a traitor to America.

Even worse, so are those who continue to work for him in the White House or serve as his cabinet secretaries.

So are those who continue to support him as he pillages America, steals from the nation’s treasury and destroys America.

if you support Trump, you are — in our considered and informed judgment — co-conspirators in treason against America and collaborators with the worst traitor to ever emerge within our government.

May you all burn in hell.


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Donald Trump: Racist, bigot, hater and crook

Someone on Facebook Wednesday, upset at my criticism of the current corrupt occupant of the White House, claimed that I — and all other Americans — must “support our president, right or wrong.”


As Americans, we have the right — and many would say the duty — to not support any president or elected official who does not do his or her job.

The complainer also said we “must respect the office of the president.”

Hogwash.  How can we respect a “president’ who, himself, shows no respect for the law, the Constitution or the office?

Consider just a few of the facts (something Donald John Trump ignores):

Our “president” paid off a porn movie star in an effort to keep her quiet about a sexual encounter he claimed never happened.  If it never happened, why shell out more than a hundred grand to keep her quiet?

Our “president” is under investigation by the New York state attorney general’s office for multiple violations of the law for using his “charity” to fund his personal expenses, reward campaign contributors and commit other illegal acts.

The federal special counsel investigating potential conflicts of interest by Trump and his campaign, along with obstruction of justice, is closing in with the help of the “president’s” former personal attorney who knows a lot about the illegal, immoral and unethical actions or the man that some suggest we should “support” and “respect.”

many of his “executive orders” have been deemed unconstitutional by federal courts.

Proven “fact checking” services, including those of CNN, the BrookingS Institution and others, find Trump has lied more than 3,000 times during his presidency, an all-time high, by a huge margin among those who have served in the office.

“The recent disputes over President Trump’s language during bipartisan negotiations over the fate of DACA and his claims about the U.S. trade balance with Canada illustrate his tenuous relationship with the truth,” says James Pfiffner of the Brookings Institution. “When a president continues to insist that his previous false statements are true, the institutions of government become corroded and democracy is undermined.”

The American flag flew upside down at our home on the Fourth of July, a recognized symbol of America in distress.  America is in serious distress because of the racist, bigot and hater who is its president.

Incredibly, Trump’s ardent supporters claim he is not racist but how else can one describe a man openly supported by white supremacist and racist hate groups, who said those involved in a racist rally in Charlottesville that left a woman dead were “people of good moral value,” who disparages Muslims, people of color and immigrants.

Trump’s real estate company has been cited multiple times by federal agencies for trying to avoid renting apartments to African Americans.  When he owned casinos, he did not want to hired black accountants, saying: “Black guys counting my money!  I hate it.  I think such a guy is lazy and laziness is a trait in blacks.”

“When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas,” claims an old saying.  Those who endorse and support Trump should be scratching until their skin bleeds.

During my time on the dark side as a political operative, I worked for two presidents:  Ronald Regan and George H.W. Bush.  I served three Congressman: One as press secretary, another as chief of staff and the third as a special assistant on the House Science & Technology Committee.

For five years, I was vice president for political programs for The National Association of Realtors and supervised what was then the largest political action committee in Washington.

These roles gave me some insight into how government works — and more often doesn’t work — and what might make a good or bad president.

During that time, I only met a few elected officials worthy of support or respect.  Too many were bottom feeders.

None, however, reached the depths of corruption, dishonesty or treachery than the current occupant of the White House.

In my considered opinion of one who has been there and served those who ran the government — Donald John Trump is a racist, a bigot, a hater and a corrupt man who is looting America to serve his personal greed and massive ego.

He is a traitor who should be in prison and not destroying America from his perch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.


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