Donald Trump is killing America

America: Drowning in Donald Trump’s toxic swamp. (Image: Mr. Fish/Truthdig)

America today can best be described as a floundering, drowning whale.

Under the control of a debased, corrupt Donald Trump, the con man who claimed he would “make America great again,” the once land of the free and home of the brave has become the toxic swamp of a madman, wannabe dictator who plunders and loots at will.

The mentally-challenged half-child who calls others “enemies of the people” should be talking about himself.

No president in the history of this once-great nation has lied so openly, so blatantly ignored both the norms and the legalities of his office or turned the White House into a mob-central with a sole purpose of serving his ego or the wallets of his family.

And he continues to plunder and pillage under the protection of a emasculated Republican party that controls the Senate and serves his impulses with no regard for the nation it is supposed to serve.

Trump is served by equally corrupt GOP leaders like “Moscow Mitch” McConnell in the Senate . Kevin McCarthy in the House and others like supportive traitors like Lindsey Graham.

A few Republicans — too damn few — have seen the light.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, now a long-shot primary candidate for the GOP nomination for Trump’s job, calls Trump a traitor.

“I’m running against President Trump because he’s unfit and a clear and present danger to this country,” Walsh says. “There’s no way in hell I would vote for him in November. The election is about Trump, period.”

Sadly, Walsh was not much a Congressman, just like Anthony Scaramucci wasn’t much of a White House Communications Director during his brief time on the job, but even he now considers Trump a traitor.

“The American president is a traitor to the United States. He is literally the most un-American president that we’ve had probably since Andrew Johnson,” Scaramucci said on CNN.

He adds:

I would have thought that the leadership in the Congress would have broken by now, the Republican leadership in the Congress. Where is the leadership?”

Where indeed. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, now Utah’s Senator, supports the impeachment inquiry, but has not said if he supports impeachment itself.  The is enough for Trump to attack Romney.

Trump calls  Romney a “pompous ‘ass,’” who is “so bad for Rs.”  Romney is said to be among at least 10 Republicans who are learning towards impeachment — less than half of the number needed in the Senate.

The Democratic leadership of the House is in the beginning stages of impeachment proceedings against Trump, something long overdue.  Trump’s attempts to recruit the president of Ukraine to help his re-election efforts brought a formal “whistleblower” complaint started the impeachment outcry.

Involvement in Ukraine brought down former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort election and sparked the Special Counsel investigation of Russia’s involvement in helping Trump win the disputed election where challenger Hillary Clinton won the majority of the vote by a record three million ballot margin but lost in the Electoral College, where gerrymandered district overrides the wishes of voters.

Now, two Ukrainian-born clients of Trump’s equally-corrupt attorney Rudy Giuliani, were arrested as they attempted to flee the U.S. after federal investigators found they were violating campaign finance laws.  Those same prosecutors are investigating Giuliani as well.

Trump’s involvement in Ukraine is a tawdry part of his failed foreign policy.  Michelle Goldberg writes in The New York Times:

If America can be said to have a foreign policy at this debased stage of the Trump administration, it mostly consists of sucking up to strongmen while betraying everyone who ever believed in America’s putative ideals. Trump has given Turkey his blessing to assault the Syrian Kurds, America’s crucial allies against ISIS. In June, he reportedly promised China that he wouldn’t speak out in favor of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, some of whom have been carrying American flags, as long as trade talks progressed.

Here in Ukraine, a country locked in a proxy war with Russia, coping with a deluge of disinformation and propaganda and struggling to transcend a history of corruption, reformers are trying to figure out what it means when the American president sides against them.

Pro-Western reformers, the Ukrainian philosopher Volodymyr Yermolenko told me, had seen the United States as a “a perfect democracy functioning very well,” with an admirable system of checks and balances. “And now this image is crumbling and that’s very dangerous.”

Sadly, that perception is correct. America itself is crumbling and Donald John Trump is the destroyer of what once was a great nation.

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Warning to Trump: Your reign of terror is coming to an end

Donald Trump: Shouting lies and revealing his insanity.

Beleaguered president Donald Trump claims the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller “totally exonerate” him of suspected criminal activity in the White House.

As might be expected the most distasteful, corrupt, twisted and immoral leader this country has ever suffered, that claim is just another lie from a pathological liar who, sadly, occupies the White House.

I way that as someone who once worked as a political operative for the party of Trump, a party disgraced beyond repair by a the crook it accepts as its leader.

For a dozen years (1981-93), I “served” (a questionable action to be sure) the GOP in various functions to run Congressional offices as a chief of staff, promote their actions as a press secretary, provide political strategy for elections and worked for two GOP presidents (Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush) before topping that questionable list by running the nation’s largest political action committee (as division vice president for the National Association of Realtors).

I had come to Washington in 1981 to become press secretary to Republican Rep. Paul Findley of Illinois.  By 1983, I was chief of staff for GOP Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana.  I had left what I thought was an “honorable profession” as a newspaperman of 17 years — first for The Roanoke Times in Virginia and later The Telegraph of Alton, Illinois in the St. Louis metro area.

Originally, i called the trip to the nation’s capital a “sabbatical” to help me understand more about how Washington worked so I could take that knowledge back to newspapers to make me a better reporter.  “Two years or so,”I promised, “and then I go back to the real world.”

Instead, the unreal world of politics and Washington gave me a sordid education on how power and money corrupts and corrupts absolutely.  Returning to the journalistic world would require taking the first top towards sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous and a determination to report truth rather than support the perjury of politics in the governing of America.

In less than two months, I hope to celebrate 25 years of sobriety and re-energize a commitment to expose the desecration of America by con artists like Donald John Trump.

Consider what the America of Trump has become:  A place where hate replaces hope, where racism destroys reason and lies displace learning.

Trump tweets lies and distortion in a hateful attack on a Muslim member of Congress and his hate-driven cult of followers cheer.  Fact checkers, a growth industry in the age of Trump, find a president who lies publicly more than 15 times a day.

He hides his tax returns — a first for a modern president — because he knows that they will show he lies about his claimed net worth and they will show his money comes from questionable sources.

His is a racist who praises white supremacists and encourages violence against those who support tolerance and compassion.

Enough.  As a newspaperman who learned, the hard way, how the corruption of power consumes us, I say it is time to declare war on the likes of Trump, his party of political corruption and the culture that spawned and supports him.

On this day after many Americans found — sadly — that Trump’s promised “tax cuts” did not help most of them but instead left them in an even deeper financial hole, it is past time to drive this demonic son-of-a-bitch from office by legal — but harsh if necessary — means,

Get ready, your bloated bastard.  Justice is coming.


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Trump’s existence: America’s real ‘national emergency’

Started thinking about a new column on an unhinged Donald John Trump using his lost-cause border wall to declare a “national emergency” so he can divert funds from various places without Congressional overnight or approval.

The real national emergency, I feel, is the presence of Trump in the White House.

Eugene Robinson said it best:

We have a national emergency, all right. Its name is Donald Trump, and it is a force of mindless, pointless disruption.

The president’s decision to officially declare an emergency — to pretend to build an unbuildable border wall — is not only an act of constitutional vandalism. It is also an act of cowardice, a way to avoid the wrath of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the far-right commentariat.

It is an end run around Congress and, as such, constitutes a violation of his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” — which gives Congress, not the president, the authority to decide how public money is spent. It does not give Trump the right to fund projects that Congress will not approve. Authoritarian leaders do that sort of thing. The puffed-up wannabe strongman now living in the White House is giving it a try.

Gene Robinson is a great columnist and can say it far better than I.  I’m sure others will join in.  Donald Trump is a disaster as a president, a film-flam con artist who deserves to be in jail, not the White House.

And, be fair, let’s throw Coulter and Limbaugh into the pokey with him.

Robinson continues:

What the administration really needs to do is expand and improve facilities for processing, caring for and, when necessary, housing these asylum seekers. But Trump doesn’t care about doing the right thing, or even the necessary thing. He cares only about being able to claim he is following through on his vicious anti-immigration rhetoric, which brands Mexican would-be migrants as “rapists” and Central Americans as members of the MS-13 street gang.

Trump had two years in which Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate — and could not persuade Congress to give him funding for a wall. He decided to make it an issue only after Democrats won the power to say no. The president’s negotiating strategy — pitching tantrums, walking away from the table, venting on Twitter, provoking the longest partial government shutdown in history — was never going to work. You might think he would have learned something about how Washington works by now, but you would be wrong.

Editorializes The Washington Post:

ADMITTEDLY, IT is an overworked trope. “Imagine how Republicans would have responded if Barack Obama had tried this!” Democrats exclaim at each fresh outrage. In the case of President Trump’s plan to declare an emergency to build a border wall, it is certainly apt; the Freedom Caucus (including Mick Mulvaney, now Mr. Trump’s acting chief of staff) would have been apoplectic. But in considering this phony emergency conjured cynically for electoral advantage, it is more apt to imagine the future than the past.

Imagine indeed if, two years from now, a President Booker, Harris, Warren or Bennet, seizing on the Parkland massacre’s anniversary, invoked emergency powers to halt the killing of innocents — by banning the sale of semiautomatic weapons, imposing uniform background checks for gun purchases or levying a stiff federal surtax on the sale of gun parts and ammunition.

If an emergency can be manufactured over border security when illegal border crossings are near a 20-year low, as measured by Border Patrol arrests, then it’s a snap to make the case for an emergency over gun deaths, which are near a 20-year high.

Sadly, wannabe GOP leaders like McConnell walked away from their conscience and the nation a long time ago.  They sold out their country for an alliance with a craven opportunist who values nothing but his own ego and whatever he can steal from American treasury and the taxpayers.

Donald Trump’s very existence is a national emergency that threatens America.  He threatens our national survival.  He is a traitor on so many levels.

Writes conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin:

It speaks volumes about Trump’s self-absorption that in order to win back praise from right-wing cranks at Fox News and elsewhere, he is willing to hobble his own plan, damage its future prospects and, oh yes, shred the Constitution. It’s once again all about Trump, Trump’s ego and Trump’s need for reaffirmation.

Trump, aided and abetted by McConnell, reveals himself (again) to be deeply hostile to the Constitution. His party, in the hands of Trump supplicants like McConnell, forfeits its role as defenders of the rule of law, separation of powers and limited government. If there is a silver lining, it is that Trump is helping forge an impressive alliance of Republicans, Democrats and independents who are committed to thwarting his authoritarian impulses.

Too many so-called “representatives of the people” in Washington became cowards and complicit accomplices of Trump and his corrupt, criminal cabal.

Opinion writer Timothy Egan of The New York Times says “Democracy ends in euphemism.” He adds:

Trump is downgrading “national emergency” from something that comes with a siren for a soundtrack to just another term for cheap political expediency.

It used to be a big deal for a reputable news organization to flat out call the president a liar. Now, liar must be the most-used descriptor linked to this president. It’s also the right word. But “liar” has lost its sting, because Trump clearly doesn’t care about telling the truth. As a journalist, I’d get in more trouble if I said the president is fat — my bad, I mean plus-sized.

— so much so that it took an acclaimed Hollywood actor to put Trump into proper perspective.

Robert De Niro said it best.

Amen Robert.


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Making Trump pay for his felonies

Trump made clear he could not provide moral leadership for the nation. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

As Republican leaders say the “black Tuesday” that left Donald Trump’s former campaign manager convicted of eight serious financial fraud felonies and his longtime personal attorney pleading guilty to a set of felonies that implicated the president in other felonies are not reasons to even think about removing him from office, rumblings within the GOP mainstream moan “how the hell did we get into this mess.”

Trump is praising former manager Paul Manafort as “a brave man” for refusing to “make up stories in order to get a deal” while he claims the longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, who protected him for decades, is lying about his involvement in hush money payments to a porn actress and a Playboy nude model to keep them quiet about affairs with him.

“If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

In typical Trump fashion, he lied by claiming Manafort’s crimes were 12 years old.  Some were.  Others went back further but still others were also committed while he was managing Trump’s campaign, especially the ones that involved lying to banks to obtain fraudulent loans.

Trump lied, as he so often does.

Cohen, a “pit bull” style of attorney, was Trump’s fixer, the lawyer who replaced Roy Cohn, who came to prominence as Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s “fixer” and a lawyer with a shady past.

Cohen now says he began to have serious doubts about Trump when he watched his client cozy up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Says Cohen attorney Lanny Davis:

Helsinki was a significant turning point, as he worried about the future of our country with the president of the United States aligning with somebody who everybody in his intelligence community who he appointed, including [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats, said that Putin interfered and tried to help Trump get elected. And Trump is the only one left denying that. And that shook up Mr. Cohen.

On ABC’s Good Morning America last month, Cohen said:

As an American, I repudiate Russia’s or any other foreign government’s attempt to interfere or meddle in our democratic process, and I would call on all Americans to do the same. Simply accepting the denial of Mr. Putin is unsustainable.

That upset Trump, who claims to value loyalty over all else.

Adds Davis:

Michael Cohen knows information that would be of interest to the special counsel, in my opinion, regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt American democracy by the Russians and the failure to report that knowledge to the FBI. Donald Trump violated criminal law. He may not be able to be indicted. That’s an unclear question, but there’s no dispute here. He directed Michael Cohen to do something that was criminal. Michael did it and admitted to it.

(Trump’s) lawyers wrote the special counsel and said that he directed Michael Cohen to make these payments. So the answer is, yes, he committed a crime. When a lawyer makes an admission of fact on behalf of a client, that is dispositive evidence. It’s not disputable evidence.

Donald John Trump claims that never happened. He also said former President Barack Obama was born in Nigeria and did not have a real birth certificate. Obama’s official birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii when what the state was an American territory.

That was only one of the thousands of lies Trump has told over the years and Fact Checking services say he now average 16 lies a day as president.

It is past time to show this liar the door…and that door should lead to a prison cell.


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