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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trump’s long list of broken and unfulfilled promises

Like all new presidents, Donald Trump made promises, but his list was longer and more grandiose than most. So is his list of failed accomplishments and promises he just never got around to even trying to fill, like infrastructure rebuilding and release of his tax returns.

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Analysis: An almost normal debate, but…

While Biden made strong points on why he could be a better president, Trump remained on the defensive most of the night, quieter than he was in the first debate but still unfocused on how he would deal with the many problems that derailed his accidental presidency.

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Voters must save the America Donald Trump is destroying

The man who seeks re-election has destroyed the image and reputation of a great nation through his corruption, lying, racism, and hate. The voters must turn him out on Nov. 3 or we will lose the America that we love and that he rapes while stripping it of its honor and dignity.

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