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Friday, September 17, 2021

Trying to explain myself….

To explain my emotions over losing simple civil rights is not a new emotion for me. I was raised in a culture of classical music in general and grand opera in particular.
From the time I saw evil government run by evil inquisitions found in many Italian and French operas I feared those minor chords and sad voices of pain more than I could explain having only a vocabulary based on the sun and tide on the California beaches.

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Quake-ravaged Haitians dream of coming to America

With much of their country destroyed by a devastating earthquake, many Haitians look to America not only for help but also as a new home.

Many dream of relocating to America and hope their plight will open the door to allow them to do so.

It is a dream that is sure to ignite intense debate in the United States where immigration is already a hot political issue and where the influx of refugees puts a strain on an economy already weakened by demands of a poor economy.

Yet others will argue that Americans cannot look the other way at a poor nation in need.

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Worried Obama works to reinvent himself

With his Presidency threatened and his agenda under assault, President Barack Obama is working overtime to reinvent himself and recapture the campaign magic that propelled him into office in 2008.

Obama is moving to assume control not only of his agenda but also of the Democratic party in an effort to stave off disaster in the upcoming midterm elections.

With the Democrats’ 60-vote “veto proof” majority already lost in the Senate, the President and his party now worry that further losses in November could not only cripple the present agenda but also put a second term in doubt.

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