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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Humbled Democrats consider revamping health care bill

Chastened by the Democratic Senate loss in Massachusetts, President Barack Obama and congressional allies signaled Wednesday they will try to scale back his sweeping health care overhaul in an effort to at least keep parts of it alive.

A simpler, less ambitious bill emerged as an alternative only hours after the loss of the party’s crucial 60th Senate seat forced the Democrats to slow their all-out drive to pass Obama’s signature legislation and reconsider all options.

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Not partisan enough

The sky is falling and the Obama era is over already. Maybe, maybe not. it is my opinion that a mental illness runs through the American public form time to time. The root of this illness is fear and its handmaiden is intellectual laziness.
When stimulated by certain key phrases and words, this illness metastasizes and becomes dominant in the culture.

It is my opinion that most people only dimly know what is going on in government, are too lazy to really dig in and find out, so they latch onto whatever sounds good at the moment. Then, like a school of fish, they follow the buzz and suddenly a “truth” emerges. 

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Obama’s White House Leadership Checklist

1. Identify an issue that people want to hear about.

2. Make a GREAT SPEECH on the subject, to cheering crowds, happy faces, and even good editorial page coverage.

3. Quit. Do nothing else. Ignore the task of leadership.

4. After too much time has passed, have Rahm bitch at the Progressive Caucus for complaining about the complete inaction by the White House.

5. Meet every perceived demand made by political opponents, making sure that the knife that you use to stab your supporters in the back is razor sharp, and free of fingerprints and grime.

6. Have Rahm look at the polling data on said issue.

7. Freak out over polling data.

8. Hold emergency White House meeting.

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Stunned Democrats ponder humiliation at the polls

A year to the day after his inauguration, Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are suddenly scrambling to save his signature health care overhaul and somehow rediscover their political magic after an epic loss in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to beat Democrat Martha Coakley. The loss was a stunning embarrassment for the White House. It also signaled big political problems for the president’s party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

Brown’s victory was so sweeping, he even won in the Cape Cod community where Sen. Edward Kennedy, the longtime liberal icon, died of brain cancer last August.

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