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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Al Qaeda the mass delusion

It is becoming clear that al Qaeda isn’t a true terror network. It does not exist. There are no terrorists around every corner looking to strike at America. There is no command and control structure operating “sleeper cells” all over the world just waiting to be activated by Osama Bin Ladin. Al Qaeda is a paranoid delusion perpetuated by our own government as means of control and wealth transfer.

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America today: Angry, bitter & partisan

Angry protesors at town meeting.After eight divisive years under President George W. Bush, Americans looked forward to a united nation under the leadership of Barack Obama.

But America today is more divided than ever and partisan bickering, deepening resentment and outright racism have polarized the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

From deep divisions in the health care reform debate to petty bickering over Obama’s "back to school" speech, the rhetoric of political debate is filled with hate, mistrust and hyperbole like never before.

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Even unions are upset with Barack Obama

Unions thought their ship came in when Barack Obama moved into the White House. They considered the new President the fruit of their efforts to put a pro-union stamp on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

That was then. This is now and now the unions join a growing list of other Americans who wonder just who they helped put into the Presidency.

Union bosses grumble that Obama’s promised changes were more illusion than reality and he has forgot what he owes to organized labor.

Obama hasn’t delivered, the complain, and it’s time to stop talking about change and start changing.

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