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Friday, March 5, 2021

What’s next?

“Come on! Wash your hands with Elmo! Wash, Wash, Wash!” states Elmo the lovable puppet from Sesame street. – Washington Post Sept 2 2009

This is part of the new White House initiative to “get the message out” about Swine Flu (H1N1).

I didn’t think much of this article until I read that Sesame street is also going to partner with the U.S. Census Bureau to teach our children about Census in schools. They have full lesson plans to last weeks on the topic.

“It’s great to reach the children because children are such strong voices in their homes,” says Renee Jefferson-Copeland, chief of the Census schools program – USA Today Aug 28 2009

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Reconciliation, an odd name for using the nuclear option on the Republican Party

Reconciliation is a rarely used parliamentary procedure which can be used in the Senate to pass health care reform with a simple majority. This is being called "the nuclear option" and supposedly is a declaration of war against the Republican Party. That is ridiculous. The Republican Party has already declared war against the Democrats. This is self defense.
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Afghanistan is now Obama’s war

Like so many of the seemingly unsurmountable problems that President Barack Obama inherited from George W. Bush, the eight-year-old war in Afghanistan came with the job.

But Obama is quickly making it his fight and he is doing so in ways that make Bush seem timid when it becomes to war mongering.

The President has approved a plan to put more combat troops in harm’s way while replacing clerks and pencil-pushers with private contractors. He will soon get a request from the Pentagon to put even more troops on the ground. More troops, the generals will say, will help us win the war.

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Obama plays numbers game in Afghan war

President Barack Obama is planning a George Bush-style numbers game in the increasingly-unpopular war in Afghanistan — adding 14,000 combat troops while replacing support troops with mercenaries to make it look like the U.S. is not increasing its military presence in that war-torn country.

The plan hatched by the Pentagon and approved by the White House would put more "trigger pullers" on the ground while using private security firms to provide support and logistrics. Under the plan, the ovreall troop American troop count would not increase even though more U.S. soldiers would be put in harm’s way.

"It makes sense to get rid of the clerks and replace them with trigger-pullers," one military official told the Los Angeles Times.

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President will review Afghan options

President Barack Obama will likely take a key report on Afghan policy on vacation to Camp David Wednesday, the White House said, hitting back at claims it was moving too slowly to revamp war strategy.

The classified report by General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, is a long-awaited assessment of the war, which Obama has declared the most vital front in the US struggle against terrorism.

"I anticipate that the president will take some form of the McChrystal report with him to Camp David," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, referring to the presidential retreat in Maryland where Obama will resume his vacation.

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Blackwater’s contract extended in Iraq

The State Department is extending its Iraq war contract with the mercenary company Blackwater USA, now known as Xe, for an "indefinite" period that sources say could be for "weeks or months," ABC News is reporting.

Blackwater’s contract, set to expire on Sept. 4, will continue until a replacement contractor, Dyncorp, can get up to speed.

Under the contract, a Blackwater subsidiary, Presidential Airways, provides air transport around Iraq for American embassy employees.

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Obama may finally get specific on health care

President Barack Obama has talked a lot about health care lately, but some allies say he has been too vague. Now he’s thinking of throwing more details and personal weight into the debate, which polls indicate Republicans have been winning in recent weeks.

Faced with falling approval ratings and increasingly impatient with Senate negotiations, Obama is considering a speech in the next week or so in which he would be "more prescriptive" about what he feels Congress must include in a health bill, top adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday in an interview.

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Can Democrats regroup in September?

For backers of health care overhaul, it’s TGIS: Thank goodness it’s September.

August was brutal, as lawmakers faced raucous crowds denouncing Democratic plans and polls showed support for President Barack Obama and various proposals dropping fast. Now, with Congress to reconvene next Tuesday, proponents hope to change the dynamic by holding quiet, closed-door sessions with nervous Democratic lawmakers and arguing that far-reaching health care changes can be good politics as well as good policy.

They also hope GOP-led opposition has peaked. But that’s far from clear, and Republicans are eager to hand Obama his first major defeat.

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