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Friday, July 30, 2021

All over the World people fight injustice — but not here!

In all other countries when the government acts irresponsibly the “indigenous” people rebel. But not in our placid nation! We are sheep grazing in the meadow. We let the sheperds lead us wherever they want. Time to stop this nonsense and fight for what is right!

What will it take for Americans to stand up and fight our government for what is right and against what they are doing to us?

The following article was taken from the Wall Street Journal:


JUNE 8, 2009
Peru Struggles With Amazon Violence Over Resources

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At least these desperate Republican loons are entertaining.

Just how desperate are Republicans? First they went for the Obama is not an American Citizen Movement. Then there was the Stimulus Debt will enslave our grandchildren Movement. Then there was kill all the abortion providers movement. Then there was the Tea Bag Movement. Then there was the Secessionist Movement. Then there was the reject the stimulus movement. Then there was the Obama-is-bringing-Socialism-to-us Movement. Then there was the Personhood Movement. Then there was the “we are surrounded by Paganism” Movement. And now there is the birth Control Pills will Kill you movement.

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