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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Senators Looking to Make Changes in Stimulus Plan

The Senate will open debate today on a nearly $900 billion economic stimulus plan that is similar in size and scope to the package the House passed, creating a possibly smooth path for sending a bill to President Obama’s desk by the mid-February deadline.

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Ohioans Seek Slice Of the Stimulus Pie

CLEVELAND — Perfect, the Cuyahoga County commissioners thought. Here they were, trying to score $28 million in federal stimulus money to build wind turbines on Lake Erie, when word arrived that Barack Obama was jetting into town on the eve of his inauguration.

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Daschle Faces Questions From Senators on Tax Glitch

After a quarter-century in Congress, Thomas A. Daschle will return to Capitol Hill today in an unfamiliar role, summoned by former colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee to defend his reputation and his nomination to be secretary of health and human services amid revelations that he did not p…

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Democrats Set High Goal Of Sweeping Fiscal Reform

It’s the holy grail of Washington politics: a federal budget that generates ample funds through a simpler and fairer tax code, defuses the spending time bomb for health and retirement programs, and supports the nation’s economy during the worst downturn in generations.

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As Obama Talks Of Bipartisanship, Definitions Vary

After a week of legislative successes for President Obama, Republicans seized on one asterisk: his inability to line up support from their ranks. As he heads into his second full week in office, members of both parties are waiting to see whether he will regard this as the failure that some have m…

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