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Thursday, January 27, 2022

A high-security inaugural

Security in downtown D.C. was high Sunday, as President-elect Barack Obama attended church, visited Arlington Cemetery and joined tens of thousands of people at the Lincoln Memorial for a special pre-inauguration concert.

There were no major incidents as of late afternoon.

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Tradition, timing guide inauguration day

Protocol is a tough taskmaster. Thus, almost every Presidential Inauguration proceeds according to tradition and the clock.

Early on the morning of Jan. 20, a butler will climb the stairs to the main guest suite at Blair House, across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and tap gently on the door of the blue, white and raspberry-chintz-covered bedroom. President-Elect Barack Obama undoubtedly will already have risen from the king-sized, canopied four-poster bed he slept in for five nights.

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Getting closer to Martin Luther King’s dream

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day has a special resonance, coming as it does the day before the United States inaugurates an African-American president, a historic first that King helped make possible but one that perhaps even he didn’t dare dream possible.

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Guess who’s paying for all the fun and festivities?

Donors from the securities and investment industries — which stand at the vortex of the Wall Street meltdown — have been the most generous in helping to pay for Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, which analyzed the contributions disclosed so far by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, 118 donors who identified themselves as being part of those industries have shelled out $3.6 million to help pay the estimated $40 million bill for inauguration balls and other events.

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Pelosi wants Bush’s actions investigated

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants an investigation into whether the Bush administration broke the law when it fired a group of federal prosecutors.

She says that what she calls the politicizing of the Justice Department cannot go unreviewed.

House Democrats last week recommended a criminal investigation to see if administration officials broke the law in the name of national security. The report cited the interrogation of foreign detainees, warrantless wiretaps, retribution against critics, manipulation of intelligence and the fired prosecutors.

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White House Directive Guides Policy on Arctic

The White House last week issued a new policy directive to guide government decisions involving the Arctic, a document that outlines an array of challenges the incoming administration will face as rising temperatures spark a surge in economic and military activity there — along with new environm…

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In Ailing Delta, High Hopes Add to Burden For Obama

HOLLANDALE, Miss. — Helen Perkins can feel the worries of her neighbors — and their expectations. “The things that some of our people hope from Obama — more help, better homes in a hurry — sound like they’re hoping for a miracle from God,” she says.

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President-Elect Sees His Race as An Opportunity

Throughout his barrier-breaking presidential campaign, Barack Obama avoided calling direct attention to race, long a divisive force in electoral politics. But now, as he stands on the verge of becoming the nation’s first African American president, Obama is talking more about how his racial identity…

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