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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Danger Democrats Face By Winning

During the last years of Clinton’s presidency, and for the first six years of the (increasingly apparent criminal) Bush Cabal, both the House and Senate were controlled by one party. The GOP had a throttle over the entire government, including the DOJ, the courts, and the all important agencies. (EPA, NASA, SSN, and dozens more)

Oops, I forgot. Between bribes, pay-offs, faux news plants, and direct and indirect pressures, the Bush Cabal also had a decent grip on the media. So much for its so-called liberal bias, not when Sunday political talk shows sought out GOP stalking heads 60% or more of the time.

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Failure is ALWAYS an option!

Most people have trouble understanding the libertarian, free market principle that businesses should not only be allowed to succeed, but also to fail.

Failure may not be an option in the Marine Corps, but it is not only an option in the free market–it is a necessity.

Today (November 19, 2008), we got to view the obscenity of Detroit auto executives appearing before Congress to beg for (or demand) somewhere between twenty-five and fifty billion dollars in taxpayer loot. This, from businesses that paid bonuses in the millions of dollars to executives who have managed to drive their businesses into the ground.

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Nope, nothing’s gonna change.

Question: What says it “wants” to change, yet simply can’t do it?

Answer: The Federal Government.

The festering shit pile that is Washington D.C. is showing an ever increasing number of signs that absolutely nothing is going to change, except perhaps the faces of the swine at the trough.

For the record I DID vote…I DID NOT vote for the President elect…nor did I vote for his principal opponent in the election either.

But I thought ok, maybe the popular vote might just have something here…so I waited. I hoped. And like every citizen of this country, I have been betrayed once again by the government that is supposed to be acting in OUR interest, and not in their own.

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So, why shouldn’t Obama get to keep his Blackberry?

I was listening to Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter being interviewed on Public Radio as I drove home from teaching today and the argument he was making was that Obama should not have to give up his Blackberry as the security mavens around him are demanding. Indeed, Alter gave lots of good reasons why Obama should stay plugged in.

In this day and age when corporate users and those developing highly secret government projects are using their Blackberries, the President should have at least the same access to personal communication. There are plenty of means to encrypt everything and Obama is an intelligent user. It was his use of the Blackberry that helped him get through this very tough election… and the Republicans didn’t break his security… But I’ll bet they tried!

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Another Appointment Evident

An article by Alexis Simendinger in the National Journal says Obama will name Peter Orszag as Budget Director.

Orszag, currently Congressional Budget Office Director and a former economic adviser to Bill Clinton, will take on this important Cabinet post as Obama faces the $700 Billion mess he inherits from Bush.

Orszag is seen as an impressive, 40-year-old analyst with expertise in health care policy, Social Security, pensions, and global climate change.

He is not expected to have a problem in Senate confirmation.

Under The LobsterScope

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Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzalez

A Texas grand jury has issued indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney and former attorney general Alberto Gonzalez over abuse at privately run prisons, court documents showed.

The three-page indictment Tuesday alleges that Cheney profited from the abuse because he invested 85 million dollars in a mutual fund company which holds shares of for-profit prisons.

It said this is a "direct conflict of interest" because Cheney had influence over the federal contracts awarded to the prison companies.

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Stevens’ defeat: End to tawdry era

Sen. Ted Stevens’ election defeat marks the end of an era in which he held a commanding place in Alaska politics while wielding power on some of the most influential committees in Congress.

It also moves Senate Democrats within two seats of a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority and gives President-elect Barack Obama a stronger hand when he assumes office on Jan. 20.

On the day the longest-serving Republican in Senate history turned 85, he was ousted by Alaska voters troubled by his conviction on federal felony charges and eager for a new direction in Washington, where Stevens served since Lyndon B. Johnson was president.

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Lieberman got off easy

Barack Obama perhaps didn’t directly intervene to save Joe Lieberman’s chairmanship but it certainly didn’t hurt when the President-elect said he would be "happy" to have the Connecticut senator and party apostate continue to caucus with the Democrats.

Democrats were furious when Lieberman showed up at the Republican convention to endorse John McCain and even more furious when he said dismissively of Obama that he was "an eloquent young man" but unprepared to be president. He then actively campaigned with McCain.

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Send Wall Street execs to Gitmo

Today we are piecing together two seemingly unrelated news stories that ran on successive days — because they will lead us to a solution for finally getting to the bottom of the financial crisis that has crippled our nation and the world.

The first story appeared on November 11. Just one day after the federal government announced its restructuring of the bailout of insurance carrier AIG (American International Group, Inc.), bringing our total rescue effort to of the insurance and financial services giant to $150 billion, ABC News’ crack investigative correspondent Brian Ross reported that executives of AIG held yet another executive retreat at yet another luxury resort.

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Why Wal-Mart doesn’t need a bailout

While America’s auto manufacturers and other companies are begging Washington for bailouts, the liberal-derided Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is making money hand over fist, providing the nation with more jobs than any other employer and doing something else very, very positive: serving the poor.

Times are getting harder, people want cheap stuff, and the place they find it is at Wal-Mart, which boasted a 9.8 percent increase in earnings and a 7.5 percent increase in sales the third quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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