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Sunday, January 23, 2022

For me, literally tears and blood

My wife and I drink wine, occasionally beer, and not hard liquor. But yesterday, hoping the polls were right, I wanted to buy a bottle of something to drink to celebrate Obama’s victory. I considered a good champagne but ruled that out since we’d only be drinking our limit of one glass. Then with the image in my mind of the two main characters of the TV show “Boston Legal” sipping scotch on the balcony overlooking Boston at the end of every show, I thought why not buy an expensive bottle of scotch.

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Victory Yeah! ……..but

There’s the urge to celebrate but it’s strange that I feel sober. My mood is in consideration of the reason for this success. It centers on the onerous work to be done. While some are previewing the picture of Achilles saving Greece from shame or Joan of Arc saving France, I am more concerned with issues that are minute but very fundamental.

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‘Yes we can!’

Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation’s first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. "Change has come," he declared to a huge throng of cheering supporters.

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