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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“They must think we’re stupid”

In a recent response to republican attacks on his candidacy, the Senator from Illinois was quoted as saying that the Republicans “must think we’re stupid”

Obviously, the Good Senator hasn’t yet had the epiphany that has made the Republican Party so effective in National elections.

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Government by the ignorant, for the angry and by the hateful

When you get past the rabid rhetoric from both sides of the political fence, the partisan political pandering of cable TV networks (Fox on the right, MSNBC on the left) and the too-often inane patter of the blogosphere, you are left with an upcoming Presidential election that will be rough, tough and too close to call.

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Life ASP: After Sarah Palin

Remember the Democratic National Convention? The Clintons and the Obamas, Invesco Field, the fireworks?

No, I thought not. It’s so last month. So B.S.P. — Before Sarah Palin. Before Hurricane Gustav and his pals. Before the GOP rediscovered how satisfying it is to bash the news media, liberals and East Coast elites.

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And now we head into the final stretch

After two boisterous national political conventions and two powerful acceptance speeches, which largely succeeded in rallying the party faithful, Republican and Democratic insiders agree both Barack Obama and John McCain must do a better job of convincing swing voters they have a plan for prescribing steroids for the weak economy.

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McCain’s challenge: Overcome Obama’s glitz

Coming off a bumpy convention that was postponed by a hurricane and set unpleasantly abuzz by a teen pregnancy, Republican presidential nominee John McCain now faces the task of convincing voters that his rock-solid political experience trumps Democrat Barack Obama’s rock-star atmospherics.

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