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Monday, January 17, 2022

Palin jokes dominate late night TV

The soap opera around the family life of Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin’s has proved fertile for late-night talk-show monologues this week, although the hosts have occasionally taken a bipartisan theme.

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Sarah wear: Thongs anyone?

Alaska and Internet-based businesses are cranking out Sarah Palin products — from "Palin Power" maternity T-shirts to "Wonder Palin" thong underwear.

One Anchorage entrepreneur, Jim Dooley, printed about 700 John McCain/Palin shirts this weekend, delivering the first batch to the Alaska State Fair by 4 p.m. Friday. They sold out.

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Uh, Sarah, about that moose hunting…

Since John McCain announced his wild and crazy choice of Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the presidential election, wild and crazy stuff has been coming out about her.

I am not going to do the Democrats’ work by repeating it all here, but Americans shouldn’t go thinking that John McCain’s staff didn’t thoroughly vet her beforehand.

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The Bush dynasty: Exit stage right

The fact that President Bush chose to address the Republican convention in St. Paul by live remote from the White House speaks volumes about relations between the two. The party was visibly relieved when he felt obliged to cancel his scheduled appearance in the hall, but the president, thanks to Air Force One, could have shown in person another night.

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Sarah Palin is going to bring “God” to America

Sarah Palin wants to spread God to the world. She agrees with Bin Laden that God sends His troops into battle. With her in eventually charge of the US and bin Laden eventually in charge of Pakistan they can together bring God to the Planet. She and bin Laden have big families and they together are willing for them all of them die in service to God.

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