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Friday, January 21, 2022

Sarah Palin’s unmarried daughter Bristol pregnant

Palin’s daughter is five months pregnant with the child of Wallisa resident Levi Johnston. She is nursing and nurturing an infant with Down’s syndrome. Wouldn’t a responsible mother withdraw her vice presidential candidacy?

I expect some reporters and many bloggers will look into Sarah Palin’s past statements about teenage birth control and abstinence only education and batter her with them. This will cause her daughter great emotional pain. That alone is reason for her to step down.

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The Sarah Palin saga only gets worse

When Vegas starts posting odds on when a VP nominee’s name will be withdrawn from consideration, you know that something is brewing.

It turns out that there’s more fire than smoke. The questions keep growing, so let’s keep it simple, who, how, why, when, and where.


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GOP opens subdued convention

The traditional festive opening of a national political convention was overshadowed by cancellations Monday, as John McCain and GOP officials tried to balance the desire to invigorate their partisans with showing empathy for those in Hurricane Gustav’s path.

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Parties go on despite storm

With Hurricane Gustav spinning toward landfall, lobbyists, corporations and industry groups are scrambling to put a solemn face on their glitzy GOP convention parties and still revel with big donors, delegates and members of Congress.

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Troopergate could burn Palin

Troopergate. It’s a political he-said, she-said that has dogged Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for nearly two months and is likely to do so for another two months leading to the Nov. 4 presidential election.

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