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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hillary’s Name to be Placed in Nomination

What makes me sick about this bulletin from Associated Press is this: With all Hillary Clinton’s blithering about sexism and other pure rot, and the whining and using her supporters to blackmail herself into this situation, it has worked.

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NRA calls Obama a threat

The National Rifle Association said Wednesday that Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to mislead voters about his past support of gun control, calling the Democratic candidate "a poster child of the extremist, elitist gun control movement."

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A state of injustice

Attorney General Michael Mukasey has decided to let bygones be bygones in the case of his predecessor’s top aides’ shameless attempt to politicize the Justice department.

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Right is wrong right until the end

The Bush Administration is almost history. The environmentalists among us were on the verge of conjuring mental images of the Administration heading off into the environmental netherworld. As close as they are to losing power and authority, the President’s anti-environment minions at the Interior Department felt compelled to pull yet one more harmful stunt.

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The rise in social intolerance

The hate-crime and incident blotter is filling so fast now, it suggests the mean side of our national character is rising. To look away from what is happening could mean something equally telling — a failure to face a problem needing national attention.

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A suicidal attraction

In 2004, filmmaker Eric Steel spent an entire year filming San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. His intention was to capture images of people killing themselves.

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Ignoring a major threat

If you don’t live in Washington, New York or another big city, you may think: "Even if the terrorists do strike again on American soil, my hometown and my family probably aren’t in danger." Think again.

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A vote for Olympian modesty

It occurred to me while watching the Olympic swimming events on TV that, just as the world turns, old things have a way of coming around to dawn as new again.

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