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Monday, December 6, 2021

Obama Delivers Remarks on Faith

SEN. BARACK OBAMA, D-ILL.: … a particular meaning for me, because, in a way, they are what led me to public service. It was a Catholic group called the Campaign for Human Development that helped in part funded the work I did many years ago in Chicago to help lift neighborhoods that were devasta…

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Bye Bye Obama

One of the reasons I found Barack Obama so attractive was for a possible return to honest government returned to the White House. This morning I learned that Obama will continue the faith-based grants started in 2000 by President Bush.

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Crash and Burn

If we want a former military man whose credentials are highlighted by the fact that he crashed 5 planes, or by the fact that he chose to hide in a prison camp where he received preferential treatment rather than return to combat, then McCain is the man.

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Obama reaches out to defiant Bill Clinton

Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, took the first step Monday  towards trying to bridge the sea of animosity that surrounds former President Bill Clinton but party insiders say Clinton is still seething over his wife’s loss and wants Obama to beg for his support.

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Obama tries a George W. Bush stunt

Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee who says he will change the face of government in Washington, is trying to outdo George W. Bush when it comes to mixing religion and politics.

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