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Factcheck on McCain’s new Obama ad

In the interest of fairness, it is necessary to keep the truth in the forefront of this political conversation. Too often the deliberate lies and disinformation are what makes the headlines and get talked about and the truth gets buried on the back page and mentioned only in passing. Factcheck on McCain's new Obama ad

Obama: GOP trying to scare voters

Democrat Barack Obama, the first black candidate with a shot at winning the White House, says John McCain and his Republican allies will try to scare them by saying Obama "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."

McCain’s ‘destroy Obama’ strategy

John McCain wants the presidential campaign to be about Barack Obama — that's why he talks about him so much.

Bush expands power of national intel director

President Bush has issued an executive order that revises the rules for intelligence agencies and strengthens the authority of the national intelligence director, the White House said Thursday.

An ode to cruising

High gas prices are threatening an almost sacred American tradition -- driving around aimlessly, cruising, if you will.

Driving around aimlessly is such a part of our culture that it has its own signature film, "American Graffiti," in which a group of teen-agers spend the night driving aimlessly around Modesto, California.

An arrogant sense of entitlement

One of the hazards of being both powerful and in Washington a long time is arrogance and a sense of entitlement. How else to explain Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens' indictment for concealing gifts from an oil company that, considering the billions that the senator controlled from his seat on the Appropriations committee, amounted to a relatively paltry $250,000.

Knowledge: An outdated concept?

When he became president of the University of Chicago, Robert Hutchins is supposed to have remarked that a college administrator's job was to provide sex for the students, football for the alumni, and parking for the faculty (he promptly eliminated the school's football program, thereby reducing his workload by one third).

The insanity of Mike Savage

Michael Savage, whose last name incorporates the concept of truth in advertising, recently went on a rant against autistic children, apparently because other innocents were not readily available to vilify that day. He called autism a "fraud, a racket."

When extremists attack

When I made the Iraq Memorial Quilt I thought I was doing something good. But I received hateful emails beyond what I could even imagine. I understand what it means When Extremists Attack When Extremists Attack

Karl Rove: a symbol of the problem

Rove is a symptom of long-time corruption and manipulation in Washington DC. He's a symbol of what's bad in our administration and within our Congress. Both parties are guilty of special interest catering.