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Monday, December 6, 2021

GOP uses Hillary against Obama

Hoping to spoil this week’s political embrace of erstwhile foes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Republicans are picking at festering wounds from the Democratic White House primary battle.

Presumptive nominee Obama and his vanquished foe will make a choreographed effort to repair party fractures at a fundraiser in Washington Thursday and, in an event rich with symbolism, in the town of Unity, New Hampshire, on Friday.

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Another McCain campaign screwup

A top adviser to John McCain said another terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be a "big advantage" for the Republican presidential candidate, drawing a sharp rebuke Monday from both the presumed GOP nominee and Democrat Barack Obama.

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Another racial slur by Don Imus?

Don Imus is defending a remark he made about the arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones, saying he was trying to "make a sarcastic point."

Imus spoke Tuesday on his morning show about the on-air comments that sparked a flurry of criticism. Months ago, he pledged to mend the wounds caused by a racist remark about a women’s basketball team.

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Time to rethink the Electoral College

The presidential candidates of both parties are supporting the popular campaign theme of "change." But after the dust begins to settle in November, and not too long after we have a new president in January, maybe it’s time for both parties to consider and initiate a fundamental change in how we elect our presidents: the abolition of the Electoral College in favor of direct election.

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