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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Obama Campaign Advisers Remark on Energy

JASON GRUMET, OBAMA CAMPAIGN SENIOR ADVISER JASON FURMAN, OBAMA CAMPAIGN ECONOMIC POLICY DIRECTOR OPERATOR: Good day, everyone, and welcome to the “Obama for America” conference call. At this time, I’d like to turn the conference over to Mr. Hari Sevugan. Please go ahead, sir.

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Obama Alters Media Portrait

Barack Obama was chatting with Katrina Davis, a Missouri woman whose daughter was hospitalized with a heart ailment, when he turned the talk to the half-dozen 7-year-olds who had slept over for his daughter’s birthday.

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Hillary returns to the public eye

Hillary Clinton has made herself scarce since she abandoned her campaign for US president earlier this month, but she reunites this week with ex-rival Barack Obama as part of her return to the public eye.

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Will Bob Barr be a GOP spoiler?

A fiery former GOP congressman who gained national prominence for doggedly pursuing impeachment of President Clinton has some Republicans worried he’ll play spoiler in a tight presidential contest.

Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party bid for the White House is the longest of long shots, but political experts say he may be able to exploit the unease some die-hard conservatives still feel about Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee-in-waiting. Combined with the surge in turnout among Democrats during the primaries and a difficult political climate for Republicans, they see what could be a recipe for trouble for the GOP.

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Comedian George Carlin dead at 71

George Carlin, the dean of counterculture comedians whose biting insights on life and language were immortalized in his "Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV" routine, died of heart failure Sunday. He was 71.

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Turning Up the Heat on Climate Issue

There have been hotter days on Capitol Hill, but few where the heat itself became a kind of congressional exhibit. It was 98 degrees on June 23, 1988, and the warmth leaked in through the three big windows in Dirksen 366, overpowered the air conditioner, and left the crowd sweating and in shirt s…

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Obama Moves To Reintroduce Himself to Voters

In the opening weeks of the general-election campaign, Sen. Barack Obama has moved aggressively to shape his campaign and offered a clear road map for the kind of candidate he is likely to become in the months ahead: an ambitious gamer of the electoral map, a ruthless fundraiser and a scrupulous…

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