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Friday, April 23, 2021

Obama fights perception he is elitist

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to convince Americans he is not elitist on Thursday as new polls showed his aura of inevitability has declined after weeks of negative headlines.

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Senators ready dueling energy plans

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrats and Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Senate on Thursday set the stage for a divisive energy policy debate with two dueling party-line bills to combat high gasoline prices.

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McClinton gas tax “holiday” boondoggle

When the going gets tough, candidates get stupid. With the economy reeling and most Americans finding it difficult to keep up with their bills and expenses, Sen. McCain comes up with one of the most hare-brained ideas of the season, only to be joined in this non-solution by his alter-ego, Sen. Clinton.

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Immigration bill drive stalls due to costs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An election-year push in the U.S. Congress to clamp down on illegal immigration has stalled as concerns grow about the cost of verifying the status of millions of workers, a leading congressional Democrat said on Thursday.

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