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Monday, January 24, 2022

China says firearms found in Tibetan temple

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese forces found firearms hidden throughout a Tibetan temple in an ethnic Tibetan area of southwestern China which has been the scene of anti-Chinese riots in recent weeks, state television said.

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Paulson says food price controls won’t work

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned on Sunday that governments should resist temptation to try to control soaring food costs through price controls, which he said would likely make the situation worse.

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Speaking with precision

This week we have descended further into the hell that passes for the campaign and are asked to compare a liar with a man who forgot to insert “some” into an otherwise accurate statement. Agreed that in the current world of diplomacy, the President of the United States of America must speak with precision so as not to give false signals. Candidates enhance their ability to speak non-communicatively during the campaign and Obama, Clinton and McCain are honing their skills in the hands of the mainstream media which throws their public and private comments in their faces.

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Clinton tours working-class area and blasts Obama

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania (Reuters) – Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton toured a working-class neighborhood on Sunday to stress her blue-collar background and kept up the attack on rival Barack Obama’s remarks about small-town voters.

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Obama’s Ex-Pastor Speaks at Va. Church

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Barack Obama’s retired pastor, making his first public speaking appearance since the beginning of the furor over his remarks criticizing the United States, delivered a sermon Sunday at a Virginia church….

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Democrats: McCain Financing Questionable

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Party officials want a federal judge to order an investigation into whether Sen. John McCain violated election laws by withdrawing from public financing, saying federal regulators are too weak to act on their own….

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Carter: Dem Leaders Should Follow People

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Carter says Democratic superdelegates should follow the people and vote for the presidential candidate with the most delegates, but that they also should be free to vote the other way if they want….

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