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Sunday, April 18, 2021

McCain will be as if Bush was High on Speed

I think it’s a bad mistake to equate McCain with Bush. Bush is inconsistent. In 2000 he became President claiming a non-interventionist foreign policy and vowed to stand up to the “Axis of evil” at the same time. Despite angry aids quitting, changed on Korea, and has not yet attacked Iran despite Cheney’s and the interventionist lobbys’ urging him to.

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Obama closing superdelegates gap

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama is gaining steadily on Hillary Clinton among Democratic superdelegates, nearly erasing her last advantage in a presidential race where those party insiders could be the ultimate kingmakers.

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Bush freezing Iraq troop levels

President George W. Bush on Thursday ordered an indefinite halt to US troop withdrawals from Iraq come July, warning that the strife-torn country remains too fragile five years after Baghdad fell.

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Grim reality of Iraq

We learned this month that American men and women will continue to patrol the streets of Iraq for at least two more years — at the least.

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100 more years

In two days of congressional hearings, only passing reference was made to a critical document, the long-term-security agreement the Bush administration is negotiating with Iraq.

What reference was made had to do with whether it required, as most treaties do, Senate approval.

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