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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Obama declines to criticize Carter on Hamas

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Friday it was not his place to criticize former President Jimmy Carter if he were to meet with Hamas, although Obama said he would not meet with the militant Palestinian group.

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Clinton, Obama Mostly the Same on Policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats just can’t decide whether Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a better presidential nominee, and there’s some good reason for that. When it comes to policy, they are closely aligned….

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Cheney on the Warpath Again?

Vice President Cheney went on right-wing talk radio yesterday with a dramatic new argument for preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, casting the Iranian leadership as apocalyptic zealots who yearn for a nuclear conflagration.

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Obama denounces big corporate pay packages

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama denounced huge pay packages for U.S. corporate chiefs on Friday in a drive to convert middle-class anger about the U.S. economy into votes.

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