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Sunday, January 17, 2021

McCain seeks solutions to housing crisis

SANTA ANA, California (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain, looking to bolster his economic credentials, promised on Tuesday to find an answer to the U.S. housing crisis but came under fire from Democrats for failing to back a specific approach.

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A Redux Convention for Lady of the House

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to quell Democratic infighting. Two states broke the rules with earlier-than-allowed primaries, and two candidates are dueling for an advantage among superdelegates who could hold the key to the nomination….

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U.S. envoys meet Pakistan’s new leaders

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – U.S. envoys sounded out Pakistan’s new civilian leaders on Islamist militancy on Tuesday as Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf swore in a new prime minister expected to review his policies on terrorism.

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