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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The political war over patriotism

The campaigns of the two Democratic presidential hopefuls traded fresh assaults Saturday, with a Barack Obama advisor assailing comments by ex-president Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s camp lashing back over alleged character attacks.

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Obama’s Church Addresses Controversy

CHICAGO (AP) — The new pastor of Barack Obama’s Chicago church said during Easter Sunday services that recent national scrutiny of the church is a test that will only make the congregation stronger….

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Obama Has Clear Money Advantage

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lived hand to mouth during the rush of presidential primaries while Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama outspent her and put money in the bank….

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Sean Hannity Confronted Over His Relationship With Neo-Nazi Hal Turner

The folks over at NewsHounds have been watching their Fox News Channel quarry dither over Senator Barack Obama’s associations with pastor Jeremiah Wright, and noted Fox’s own Sean Hannity getting himself tripped up in the guilt-by-association tango. Seems that one of Hannity’s close chums is a neo-Nazi named Hal Turner who used to be a radio host, is apparently the top man in Bergen, NJ white-supremacist circles, and probably spends a lot of his time in his basement with Star Wars action figures acting out Holocaust-denier versions of The Return of the Jedi. In short, just the sort of person with whom you’d imagine Sean Hannity spends a lot of formational time with.

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