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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Is the DNC broke?

Dems have financial advantage in nearly every part of political spectrum except at national parties, where RNC has cash to crow about.

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Is Clinton friend involved in passport breach?

A State Department official in charge of the department during two of the three breaches into the passport files of Sen. Barack Obama has a direct tie to Bill and Hillary Clinton and department officials are investigating whether she furnished information to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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Typical white people politics

This is one white person who understands fully what Barack Obama meant when he called his grandmother typically white because she viewed blacks with suspicion.

Typical white people may still make the difference in this year’s Presidential election and too many of them are still ignorant, racist louts who make judgments based on their own fears and stupidity.

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Obama file breach: Personal or political?

As with most emerging political scandals, revelations that at least three contract employees of the State Department snooped into the passport records of Democratic Presidential frontrunner Obama raises more questions than it answers.

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Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama

New Mexico Gov. and former Presidential candidate Bill Richardson dealt Democratic contender Hillary Clinton a blow today by endorsing rival Barack Obama.

Clinton actively sought Richardson’s endorsement and former President Bill Clinton spent Super Bowl Sunday watching the game with Richardson and lobbying for an endorsement for his wife.

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Good thing we don’t have to vote right now

We have learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s White House years were scheduled to the minute, studded with meetings and photo opportunities. But after her health-care fiasco, there were few policymaking sessions.

We now know that Barack Obama will not disavow his preacher, who out of anger asked God to “damn” America.

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