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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The sad, sorry State of the Union

The snake-oil salesman tried once again Monday night to sell his illusions to a skeptical audience that stopped listening to him years ago.

George W. Bush’s final State of the Union speech marked a sad, pathetic footnote to a failed Presidency: a dismal, clueless exercise in fear-mongering and falsehood; a monument to arrogance and bluster; and a testament to the depths to which this nation’s government has sunk.

For the most part, this seventh and last SOTU was pure Bush: a mixture of unreality and unrelenting hyperbole, delivered in the stilted, halting style of a failed orator.

He tried to convince an skeptical Congress to become more of a co-conspirator to his failed polices, urging the House and Senate to make his failed programs permanent as a lasting monument to his corrupt legacy.

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The love affair with the Clintons

Many white Americans never understood black America’s love affair with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Although the meteoric rise of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama — the new darling of many blacks, especially the young — has dampened the Clinton amour, the old affair still has enough fire for a brief examination.

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Elite and out-of-reach

One would think the move by the nation’s most elite colleges and universities to become more affordable to the middle classes would mean opportunities for tens of thousands of needy young men and women who until now had to settle for lesser institutions. One would be wrong.

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Inspiration might be enough

Andrew Tieng knows all he needs to know about Barack Obama: that he deeply wants the Illinois senator to be the next president.

Obama’s strategy for the economy? “I can’t really say,” Tieng admits.

Trade and tariffs? “I don’t know anything about that.”

Iraq? “I don’t know,” Tieng shrugs.

At 19, working his way through college, Tieng is the kind of voter the Obama campaign has been luring into its fold. But how they are ending up there seems based less on specifics than on a general sense that Obama’s message of change and unity is real, if somewhat amorphous.

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