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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hillary has momentum now

Political momentum now shifted her way, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton flew to Missouri, a key Feb. 5 battleground state, while rival Barack Obama hoped to rejuvenate his candidacy with the help of black voters in the South.

“Now we’re back here in the Midwest, where I’m from. I’m so happy to see all of you,” Clinton, a Chicago native, said to cheers at a campaign rally late Saturday in this St. Louis suburb.

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A reshuffled political landscape

Republican John McCain and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton were victors in contentious nominating contests, but neither party can claim front-runners as early presidential contests give way to big-state battles.

McCain, an Arizona senator, bested Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, in a South Carolina fight that focused on the economy. McCain was defeated here in 2000 by George W. Bush.

“Thank you, my friends, and thank you, South Carolina, for bringing us across the finish line first in the first-in-the-South primary. It took us a while. But what’s eight years among friends,” McCain told a boisterous crowd of supporters at a victory rally.

Attention turns to Florida, which votes on Jan. 29, followed by contests in 22 states on February 5.

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They don’t even hide it anymore

The Bush administration’s health agenda this year will consist largely of fending off Democratic lawmakers until a new president and Congress take charge.

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It’s nice to know that Congress understands our real priorities

Congress is thinking about investigating Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the artificial heart, over his statements in a TV ad for Lipitor, the largest-selling anticholesterol agent. Since the good doctor is a medical research scientist rather than a licensed physician, Congress feels the strong need to slap his hand for exceeding his writ.

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The Republican rollercoaster

The Republican presidential race, it appears, has taken on the qualities of a kaleidoscope.

Every primary or caucus, the winner looks inside and sees something else, underscoring the volatile nature of a 2008 nominating contest that is still moving toward clarity.

Leading contenders are emerging, hangers-on are dropping away and in less than 10 days, the viability of Rudy Giuliani’s unconventional political strategy will be judged in plain view.

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