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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Tax breaks? No, no, no! a thousand times, NO!

Yes, the economy is in trouble. Yes, new home sales are down. Yes, every financial institution is shedding workers faster than my Great Pyre sheds fur. Yes, we have structural, social, emotional, and serious economic problems facing us. All true, all sad, all present and in our face.

The worst possible response is the one our Fearless Leader, George W. Bush, presented. Unfortunately, his partner in crime, Nancy Pelosi, has already given George two gold stars:
first, any crime he committed in the past, or will commit in the future, gets a pass by congress; and,

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A real Litmus Test for Candidates

I have read so much ‘stuff’ spouted by the various candidates but until a short time ago was terribly confused. So I came up with a real litmus test for me to use–I set everything each one says in front of the United States Constitution and examine how their statements measure up.

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This just sounds like an oxymoron to me

This just sounds like an oxymoron to me

Headlines = Experts rethinking billions spent on AIDS

and the just a little further down we have the following:
HIV finding could lead to new drugs

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Bush: $145 billion in tax relief

President Bush, acknowledging the risk of recession, embraced about $145 billion worth of tax relief and other incentives Friday to give the economy a “shot in the arm. ”

Bush said such a growth package must also include tax incentives for business investment and quick tax relief for individuals. And he said that to be effective, an economic stimulus package would need to roughly represent 1 percent of the gross domestic product — the value of all U.S. goods and services and the best measure of the country’s economic standing.

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America is a terrorist state

Canada has dared admit what other U.S. allies will not: America is a terrorist state that tortures prisoners and violates international law.

A Canadian Foreign Affairs Department training manual, Torture Awareness Workshop Reference Materials, defines torture and lists Guantanamo Bay and the United States, along with Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Syria as nations which torture prisoners and abuse human rights.

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More lies about troop levels in Iraq

Look beneath the Bush Administration spin on planned troop drawdowns for the failed Iraq war and you will find the truth about U.S. presence in that civil war-torn country: American troops will be there for the next decade.

Or probably longer.

While Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told reporters that plans to reduce U.S. troop presence in Iraq “remain on track” he hedged by saying “further withdrawals will depend the readiness” of the country’s army.

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