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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spilling our blood to protect their oil

With oil hovering at the $100-a-barrel mark, we're inundated by calls for a "Manhattan Project" on alternative energy, more regulation of major oil companies and an end to our military presence in the Gulf.

The assumptions are that America's energy demand drives prices, the "majors" determine supply and instability in the Middle East explains recent spikes. So, if this is all our doing, then it can all be our undoing as well.

Would that Washington was so eminently in control of global energy markets.

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Decide Against Fear

Good day; I am looking forward to a new day, a day that is full of love not hate, filled with truth not lies. We may see a leader soon that will be from the light and a door may open for us to walk through. All of us that beleive in peace and care about our brothers and sisters, can let the dark side go. In our hearts we know that the light is our home and fear and hate will fall away. Thank you for the courage to make a good decision.

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