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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Can we buy what Hillary’s selling?

Hillary Clinton is humble. She also works well with others, deplores big government and is no liberal ideologue.

At least that’s what Clinton hopes voters will conclude from the rollout of her health care plan, a smart bit of political branding that put her chief Democratic presidential rivals on the defensive and exposed a lack of leadership from the GOP field.

Voters will need to decide whether they buy what she’s selling.

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Many voters undecided about 2008

Just off the quaint town square, a pizza shop owner and an employee took a break to banter about politics one recent late-summer day. They did not always agree, but like many others, found common ground on their preference for president — no one yet.

“I am turned off,” Chad Ver Steeg, a 42-year-old Republican who runs the Pizza Ranch restaurant. He lamented the mudslinging by both parties and said, “I don’t look forward to this election.”

Added fellow conservative Joel Ruisch, 36: “I haven’t followed it enough to even come close to picking who to support.”

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Is Barack Obama too white?

Jesse Jackson was quoted as saying Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was “acting like he’s white” for not speaking out more forcefully about a racially charged schoolyard beating in Louisiana.

Wednesday’s (Columbia) State newspaper said Jackson made the comment about Obama and the Jena, La., case after speaking Tuesday at Benedict College, a historically black school. “If I were a candidate, I’d be all over Jena,” Jackson said in his remarks after the speech, according to the published account.

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General claims violence down in Iraq

The No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq said Thursday that a seven-month-old security operation has reduced violence by 50 percent in Baghdad but he acknowledged that civilians were still dying at too high a rate.

The comments came as relations between the U.S. and Iraqi governments remained strained in the wake of Sunday’s shooting involving Blackwater USA security guards, which Iraqi officials said left at least 11 people dead. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki suggested the U.S. Embassy find another company to protect its diplomats.

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Tax cuts or health care?

Democratic primary voters now have a clear choice: subsidized taxes to provide health care for all Americans versus lower taxes on the middle class. Barack Obama’s promise this week to deliver up to $85 billion in annual tax relief for middle-class Americans is the type of plan that has the potential to stop the so-called Unstoppable Hillary.

The guts of Sen. Obama’s plan is to offer a $1,000 annual tax credit for middle-class American families with two earners. This, he says, would cut taxes for 150 million Americans or roughly half the population.

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Cheating your way to hero worship

Maybe you noticed it too. The scandal over the New England Patriots’ cheating lacked the one inevitable ingredient of every sports scandal, and I, for one, am sort of offended by the omission.

You’ll recall that the Patriots were caught trying to steal the New York Jets sideline play calling signals by surreptitiously and illegally videotaping them from within the stadium.

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Iraq, Blackwater & mercenaries

Blackwater is bad news, currently quite literally. The firm, established in 1997, has evolved into one of the most prominent — and profitable — of a growing array of sizable corporations that provide military security services, including firepower.

The current rapidly escalating controversy results from allegations that Blackwater personnel opened fire and killed civilians in Iraq without defensible provocation. The Iraq government for the moment has banned the firm from further operations in the country.

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In search of…the Republican Latino

A national Republican group contacted me for information about a prominent Latino public official who served during the Nixon administration in the 1970s. He was nominated for a lifetime achievement award, but the awarding group wasn’t exactly sure what he had done.

Fortunately, I did. It was in the pages of my book.

It seemed curious that staffers around that GOP group didn’t have histories and narratives around to guide them.

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How the antiwar left lost the war

A few short months ago, the anti-war left was feeling its oats. On campuses around the country, professors were receiving letters asking them to steer students to “a major new organizing initiative to end the War in Iraq — Iraq Summer.”

“Many of you will remember Mississippi Summer that helped pass the civil rights laws, and Viet Nam Summer that helped end the Viet Nam war,” the letter read. “Iraq Summer will be the 21st century edition of those historic projects.”

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