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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Paris? PARIS ? ? ? ?

Alberto Gonzales’ lies have become so obvious and painful that even some GOPers are scratching their collective heads and complaining. Other than deadbeats like Orwin Hatch, and a few others, it is clear that the only people who support the AG are the president and the Veep, the two most concerned about what might happen if Gonzo saw that it was bedtime.

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God, what a race

With a Mormon in the mix, religion is sure to be a factor in the 2008 Presidential election.

But Mitt Romney’s religion is not the only reason God is a factor. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have made their faith a central part of their campaign strategies and anyone running against the tarnished legacy of George W. Bush is also running against the President’s steadfast belief that God is always on his side.

God is a factor even though God is not a voter, many of those who do vote do so because of a strong belief in him (or her).

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Voters fed up with Democratic failures

The new Democratic leadership of Congress rode into Washington last fall with a voter mandate for change.

Seven months later, many of those same voters want the Democrats tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail.

For seven months, the Democrats’ reign in the seat of power has been a study in frustration and a college course on failed expectations. Their razor-thin majority is not enough to override President George W. Bush’s veto pen and they have found themselves constantly beaten by a President with the lowest approval ratings in history.

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Gonzales has long history of lying

An old joke about liars has surfaced in Washington:

Q: How do you know when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is lying?

A: When his lips are moving.

Gonzales has a long history of lying to protect his job and his boss and his boss for most of his years as an attorney has been George W. Bush.

In fact, Gonzales’s reputation as a professional liar goes back to his days in Texas when he worked for then governor Bush.

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