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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Bush: Surveillance law needs updating

President George W. Bush says the current law governing how he can use the National Security Agency and other intelligence groups to spy on Americans is “out of date” and needs updating.

Which is Bush-speak for “I need more power that I can abuse so I can spy on Americans without those pesky judges using the law to try and stop me.”

Bush wants the rules broadened with less oversight.

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Diplomacy? What’s that?

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama says we need a shift in diplomacy and, of course, says he can deliver on such a shift if he become President.

Shift? Shouldn’t the pitch from Obama say we must first have diplomacy before any shift can take place? American diplomacy died on Jan. 20, 2001, the day George W. Bush was sworn into office.

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Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules

Let’s face it. Anytime you put the word “lawmaker” in the same headline or sentence with “ethics” you’re asking for trouble.

The Washington Post says “Lawmakers Agree on New Ethics Rules.” What the headline should say is “Lawmakers find new ways to avoid ethics rules.”

But that’s just our opinion.

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The great cleavage debate

072907cleavage.jpgYou know it’s a slow news week when Hillary Clinton flashes a little cleavage and it becomes news.

We suppose that a public fascinated with the latest drunken exploits of Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears needs to know that a Senator and candidate for President wore a plunging neckline on the job.

We’ve watched the video and can confirm that Hillary is not flashing her “T’s” for beads at Mardi Gras. The neckline in questions isn’t all that plunging and the cleavage ain’t all that much.

Perhaps this qualifies as a “news flash?”

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Just the FAQs

Who, or what, is Capitol Hill Blue?
Capitol Hill Blue is a non-partisan, take-no-prisoners political news site launched in October 1994. That makes us the oldest surviving news site on the Internet. But don’t take our word for it. Go to Google and see if you can find anything older. Bet you can’t.

Blue features the work of three popular independent columnists:

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American gestapo

The last place you expect to run into a federal government goon squad is the Blue Ridge Parkway, the scenic highway that runs through Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

But the abuse of power spawned by the Bush administration and the rights robbing USA Patriot Act runs rampant throughout the federal bureaucracy, as I learned this week while traveling the Parkway to get to an assignment photographing a summer music festival for my newspaper.

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Romney calls Bush’s war a failure

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Friday that the country is angry over the lack of progress in the Iraq war, a stinging assessment of the Bush administration’s handling of the conflict from a Republican candidate.

Campaigning in Iowa, the former Massachusetts governor also argued that despite the nation’s frustration over the war, voters aren’t ready to replace President Bush with a Democrat.

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Obama faces black resistance in SC

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama faces two major obstacles in South Carolina, the first Democratic testing ground for black support: the popularity of the Clinton name and doubts among blacks that white America is ready for a minority president.

The candidacy of the 45-year-old Obama elicits genuine excitement in a state where blacks comprise about half of the primary electorate. Yet coupled with that emotion is a strong degree of skepticism about the freshman senator’s experience and whether he can win.

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Congress passes Homeland security bill

Congress sent President Bush legislation Friday to intensify anti-terror efforts in the U.S., shifting money to high-risk states and cities and expanding screening of air and sea cargo to stave off future Sept. 11-style attacks.

The measure carries out major recommendations of the independent 9/11 Commission.

The bill, passed by the House on a 371-40 vote, ranks among the top accomplishments of the six-month-old Democratic Congress. The Senate approved the measure late Thursday by 85-8, and the White House said the president would sign the bill.

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