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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Do we need “gay pride” anymore?

It is Gay Pride season in most American cities so there will be parades, celebrations, observances, marathon bike rides and other events designed to heighten the awareness of what critics like to call the “gay agenda.” This year it coincides with a growing call to do away with the ban on gays in the military, growing objections over President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General and increasing acceptance of gays in the fabric of life in America. It is also a time to begin to question whether anything is “so gay” anymore.""

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If it quacks like a lame duck

George W. Bush is very much a lame-duck President and that message was driven home this week with the total collapse of the "grand bargain" immigration bill which failed dramatically in the Senate.

The defeat is a bitter pill for a President who has rode roughshod over Congress for the last six-and-a-half years and his growing inability to move or affect legislation showcases a shifting of power from one end of the Capitol Hall to the other.

For many, that shift is long over due.

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Bush hires new lawyers to fight Congress

President Bush is signing up legal help as he girds for battle with the Democratic-led Congress.

Faced with a flurry of document requests and expanding congressional investigations, the White House announced Friday that Bush had hired nine lawyers, including five who’ll fill new jobs in the president’s legal office. The recruits have solid experience in white-collar crime, government investigations and constitutional law.

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