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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The FBI’s image problem

Since 9/11 the FBI's image, once almost invulnerable to detractors, has taken one hit after another beginning with evidence its officials ignored signs that might have derailed the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and ending with the abuse of so-called national security letters that permitted them to poke around with impunity in the affairs of U.S. citizens.

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McCain admits Bush hurts GOP

John McCain (AP)
Sen. John McCain (AP)

John McCain wants it both ways.

The Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate admits President George W. Bush's low poll numbers hurt the Republican Party but still believes he can run for President on a platform of unqualified support for the unpopular Iraq war.

In doing so, he appears oblivious to poll numbers that show his own Presidential numbers heading south.

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Iraq sends lobbyists to influence Congress

Desperate Iraqi officials, worried the United States might pull out and let them fight their civil war on their own, dispatched lobbyists to Capitol Hill this week to try and convince Congress to waste more American lives and taxpayer money to fund President George W. Bush's failed war.

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