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Prosecutors will be violated

Every time someone from the administration tries to justify the firing of the eight United States attorneys they seem to make matters worse.

The core explanation centers around "they serve at the pleasure of the president" equating the eight with flat out political hacks such as Karl Rove, the architect of extreme partisanship. This explanation is simplistic, deceptive and dissembling.

Our Three Options for America

I’ve always thought that America did very well under the balance of power of a two-party system. Our economy was based on American-made products with both sides of our political system represented by American investors keeping the corporations making a profit and hiring the best American workers. We have seen a successful blending of management and the working forces keeping America in the black. This combination won our wars when our corporations manufactured the best defense weapons and our working force did it by having higher standards than other nations.

Time to reclaim our birthright

There are three sides to every story. My side, your side, and the truth. And no one is lying.
--Robert Evans

Politicians - those we elect to office and those we throw out of office - expend a lot of rhetoric on what it means to be an American.

So do pundits - this reporter included.

But I wonder in all this heated debate over Americanism, patriotism, totalitarianism, socialism and whatever-else-ism if we haven't forgot that America was founded by people from diverse cultures with diverse opinions and differing viewpoints.

Spinal surgery

For six long, hard, curious years, Congresscritters and their senior illegitimate Senatorial brothers deliberately, willfully and amazingly handed off all powers of supervision, approval, oversight and investigation accorded them in our Constitution. That was only the first traitorous step. Even after act after act, lie after lie, those folks refused to stand up to a unitarry executive who bore more of an incredible resemblance to Mao and Stalin, than a constitutional office renter in America.

Some of our readers have met the enemy and it is them

I got sick to my stomach twice Tuesday. The first wave of nausea hit when I heard Presidential press secretary Tony Snow's cancer had returned. The second came when I read some of the comments on our web site and others from those who rejoiced in his illness.

Like many Americans, I don't much care for Tony's political views. I didn't like them when he pontificated on Fox News and I sure as hell don't care for his posturing for the Bush administration.

Pt. 2 – Unfit for Duty: Bush’s “Pet Goat” Minutes

(Update below) - On Tuesday night Keith Olbermann on MSNBC threw a question to guest Bill Maher that seemed to give this quick witted comedian a few seconds of pause.
The question was, basically, if you could ask Bush one question while he was hooked up to a lie detector, what would it be?
Maher's first answer was that he'd  ask Bush under truth serum if he really thought he was in over his head.

Bush must be removed from office

Sen. Chuck Hagel, the conservative Republican who broke ranks with George W. Bush over the failed Iraq war, says Senators on both sides of the political aisle now talk openly of impeaching the President.


Gonzales Oblivious as Reality Bites Bush

If the body language in this Associated Press photo is any indication Alberto "Fredo" Gonzales may be in for a rude awakening when Godfather Bush decides it's time for him to sleep with the fishes.

Are Americans going in the Same Direction?

Are we all heading into the future, but, in the same direction? Politically, what does this mean to Americans? What is our hope for our nation; let’s say in the next 25 years? During Meet the Press this morning, I saw a commercial that discussed American lives all going in the same direction into the future. I have forgotten the product but the concept got me to thinking that we are, in fact, all heading into the future, but, in the same direction? Politically, what does this mean to Americans? What is our hope for our nation; let’s say in the next 25 years?

Fredo Redux – It’s for the kids? No, sir, it’s for the birds.

Last week, Alberto Gonzales told Congress that he was not involved in the firing of the eight US attorneys. From yesterday's Rovian news dump, we learn that he lied. Again. Alberto met with no less than five of his top Justice heads on November 27, and created on a five-step plan to fire the prosecutors. He personally signed off on it.