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Monday, January 17, 2022

Five Americans charged in Iraq bribery scheme


Three U.S. Army Reserve officers and two U.S. civilians have been charged with taking or helping funnel more than $1 million in cash, sports cars, jewelry and other items as bribes to rig bids on Iraqi reconstruction contracts, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

They said the five have been indicted by a federal grand jury in New Jersey in a scheme that involved the theft of millions of dollars of Iraqi reconstruction money and the awarding of contracts to Philip Bloom, who doled out the bribes.

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Put global warming in the fridge


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Do you know what bugs me? The fact that the liberal media always refuse to print the opposite side of controversies due to political bias. Consider the state of our planet.

Many scientists have come out with a completely one-sided report that pretends everybody is in agreement with their theory, a theory that is based not on science but political motives. The way they tell it, you would think that no controversy exists at all.

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The oversight era begins


Congressional Democrats promised during the election that once in control of Congress they would launch a long overdue series of oversight hearings on the performance of the Bush administration. This week they began to make good on that promise.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee began looking into the incompetence of the Coalition Provisional Authority that squandered billions while failing to bring order to postwar Iraq.

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Big safeguard or big brother?


Legislation that would let social networking Web sites screen for convicted sex offenders has elicited concern from critics who say it’s unfair and won’t work.

Bill proponents say it would provide a tool to track and prosecute sexual predators. Critics argue it wouldn’t do enough to protect children and would result in curtailed civil liberties and unnecessary humiliation for the least-dangerous offenders.

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The things we do for love


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Love IS strange.

What would possess a woman to don a diaper and drive 900 miles to confront her lover’s other woman, as alleged by authorities?

More to the point, what would make a married mother of three and an accomplished astronaut — one of only 106 overall active U.S. astronauts and one of only 24 active U.S. women astronauts, according to NASA — jeopardize and potentially sacrifice her family, her future and her successful career for a love affair?

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Barbaro feedback


This week I’d like to share with you reaction to last week’s column, some of which was overwhelmingly sad.

Last week I wrote about positive procedural changes the thoroughbred racing industry could undertake to improve the lives and safety of the valiant horses needlessly made to suffer on the track.

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