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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Joe Lieberman deserved his election victory

A few months ago, knee-jerk Democrats who insisted on Republican-style lockstep from all who march under their banner celebrated with open glee the defeat of maverick Senator Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary election.

That unabashed joy carried over into the liberal blogging world where the pundit wannabes on sites like Daily Kos claimed credit for Lieberman’s defeat and predicted Ned Lamont’s staunch anti-Iraq-war stance would carry him to victory in November.

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RIP Ed Bradley

I met Ed Bradley in Vietnam. He was a journalist covering the war. I was there for other reasons.

Too many journalists in that war covered the conflict from the bars on Tudo Street in Saigon, drinking formaldehyde-injected beer in the company of Vietnamese B-girls while waiting for others to get back from the various fronts of the war so they could pump them for enough facts to send back stories that sounded like they were in the shit.

Not Ed Bradley. He spent most of his time in the field, reporting on the horrors of war first hand.

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