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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Bush’s bible-thumping bothered German leader

Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, whose second term was marked by vehement opposition to the war in Iraq, described in an advance copy of his memoirs how he was suspicious of President Bush’s constant references to his Christian faith.

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More Americans die in Iraq war’s deadliest 2006 month

Five bicycle bombs and a hail of mortar shells ripped apart a market south of Baghdad on Saturday, killing 18 people in yet another sign that Iraq’s government and U.S. forces were struggling to contain sectarian violence. Three U.S. Marines also were killed, making October the deadliest month for American forces this year.

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Tough race, influence-peddling probe haunt Rep. Curt Weldon

Add this to Republican Curt Weldon’s long list of re-election woes — his very own October surprise. Earlier this week, FBI agents raided the homes of Weldon’s daughter and a close friend, part of an influence-peddling probe into the 10-term congressman and his daughter’s lobbying firm.

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Cops raid California candidate’s office, home

For two days, a Republican congressional candidate had promised to explain how a threatening letter was sent by his campaign without his knowledge to thousands of Hispanic immigrant voters. As about 200 people gathered Friday in front of his campaign headquarters seeking answers, Tan D. Nguyen was a no-show at his own news conference. Instead, 10 uniformed California Department of Justice police officers arrived with a search warrant and pounded on the glass of Nguyen’s storefront headquarters.

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