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Thursday, March 4, 2021

New White House buzzword: Islamic fascism

President Bush in recent days has recast the global war on terror into a “war against Islamic fascism.” Fascism, in fact, seems to be the new buzz word for Republicans in an election season dominated by an unpopular war in Iraq.

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Warner warns Democrats: ‘We’re screwing up’

Mark Warner, a potential 2008 presidential candidate, voiced growing concern Tuesday with his party’s electoral strategy, arguing that Democrats’ willingness to write off sections of the country could make it nearly impossible to win the White House.

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White House ramps up pro-war rhetoric

As public opposition to George W. Bush’s Iraq war mounts, the White House Tuesday increased its strident rhetoric in favor of the war and unleashed new, virulent attacks against those who dare oppose the President’s policies.

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Carnage continues in Bush’s Iraq war

The carnage called President George W. Bush’s war in Iraq continued Wednesday as insurgent bombing attacks across the devastated country targeted a market, an army recruiting center and a police patrol, killing at least 39 people and wounded dozens Wednesday, police said.

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