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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Other terror suspects may still be at large

The well-advanced plot to blow up airliners flying from Britain to the United States had the markings of al-Qaida, and it’s not yet certain that authorities have found everyone involved, the Homeland Security secretary says.

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U.S., France near deal on Mideast

The United States and France were close to a deal on a Security Council resolution aimed at ending the monthlong conflict between Israel and Hezbollah and could break the diplomatic deadlock at last on Friday. But diplomats said they were still trying to overcome last-minute Lebanese objections to the draft.

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Israel delays push into Lebanon

Israel grabbed strategic high ground in south Lebanon on Thursday but delayed a major push northward, as diplomats cited progress toward agreement on a U.N. cease-fire resolution that could soon go to a vote.

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Typhoon strikes China

The most powerful typhoon to hit China in five decades raged across its southeastern coast Thursday, claiming at least 83 lives as it capsized ships, destroyed buildings and forced 1.5 million people from their homes.

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