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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Let the revolt begin


Six years ago, Joe Lieberman was a few Florida votes shy of being the next vice president of the United States. Just two years ago, he was a credible candidate for his party’s presidential nomination.

Tuesday, the three-term senator, respected and well-liked by his peers in Congress, suffered the humiliation of defeat in Connecticut’s Democratic primary at the hands of Ned Lamont, a novice with deep pockets whose political resume consists largely of a failed state-senate race.

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Results point to an angry electorate

By John Whitesides

U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s defeat in Connecticut offered tangible evidence of Democratic anger with President George W. Bush and the Iraq war and could be an early sign of a strong anti-incumbent mood before November’s election, analysts said on Wednesday.

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McKinney loses big in Georgia

By Matthew Bigg

Democrat Cynthia McKinney, Georgia’s first African American congresswoman, lost her primary run-off race on Tuesday, paying a price for strident rhetoric and a failure to galvanize supporters.

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Bush tries to shield those who abused prisoners

Political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel would not face prosecution for humiliating or degrading wartime prisoners under amendments to a war crimes law drafted by the Bush administration, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

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Reid wants VA chief’s head

The U.S. Senate’s top Democrat on Tuesday called on Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson to resign after the department disclosed that another batch of personal information on veterans was missing.

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It should be funny


Karl Marx is not someone who comes to mind as a commentator on Republican Party politics, but his observation that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce, is proving singularly apt for the GOP as the fall elections approach.

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