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Friday, December 3, 2021

Hot? Damn right

You don’t need a thermometer, The Weather Channel or even Al Gore to know it’s hot but you can be sure that scientists will issue an official report confirming that the first half of 2006 was the hottest on record.

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Born to be bad

Anyone who’s lived in the National Capital Region, and we lived there for 23 years, knows the angony of traffic backups on The Wilson Bridge, a bridge born to be bad but a span over the Potomac River whose life ends today.

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Not what the Park Service had in mind

A National Park Service employee on Staten Island New York has a different concept on how people should enjoy this nation’s parks. He stands accused of luring a 13-year-old girl to his apartment, raping her, and then turning her into a sex toy for other men.

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Lots of confusion over tribunals

Leading Republican senators were scratching their heads Thursday as they tried to make sense of what the Bush administration wants Congress to do about setting rules for military tribunals to try terrorism suspects.

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Time running out for Iraqis

If the Iraqi government does not bring the religious violence in the country under control in the next six months, Iraq’s citizens will believe it’s powerless to govern, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday.

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