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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Independence Day thoughts

The idea that a patriotic American can simultaneously support the troops and oppose the war drives people on the right nuts. “How does that work?” they ask incredulously. I will tell them in a minute, but first let me say that the simple pleasure of being irritating is surely reason and incentive enough for waverers on this point to adopt the sane position of pro-troops, antiwar.

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Different court, same hot button issues

A reshuffled Supreme Court chose during its term ending Thursday to decide cases on narrow grounds that allowed rare unanimity on such contentious issues as abortion, assisted suicide and religious freedom.

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Ney aide subpoenaed in corruption probe

An aide to embattled Rep. Bob Ney has been subpoenaed in the Justice Department’s investigation of influence peddling in Congress, and three other aides are leaving the Ohio Republican’s staff, Ney’s spokesman said Thursday.

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House scraps offshore drilling ban

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday voted to scrap a 25-year-old federal ban on most offshore oil and natural gas drilling, allowing energy exploration 100 miles from the coastline, and possibly within 50 miles unless states say no.

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