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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

In the end, all we have is the truth

We write often on this web site about the con-artists who dominate our government: Liars who treat truth as a disposable commodity easily discarded when it gets in the way of personal and political agendas.

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Dems ignore Iraq war, push domestic issues

Unable to agree on a strategy for addressing the Iraq war, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate are trying to change the subject, retreating to the domestic front with a focus on pocketbook issues for the middle- and working-class voters.

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Stars and strife

Patrick Henry Brady, 69, a retired Army major general, is engaged in an all-consuming mission, to save the American flag from those who would abuse it. Ask him why, and he tells you his motivation is the same as that which fueled him in Vietnam — serving and protecting America, its freedoms and ideals.

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Senate Dems split over Iraq withdrawal

Senate Democrats coalesced Monday around a proposal urging the Bush administration to start pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq by year’s end, brushing aside calls by some in the party for a firm withdrawal timetable.

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Some success in another war

Good news in the fight against meth abuse came on two fronts Monday, with reports showing a major drop in methamphetamine lab seizures nationwide and a similar decline in the spread of the drug into the workplace.

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Gitmo tribunals delays

The U.S. military on Monday put off hearings in the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals at least until July, meaning they will not reconvene until after an expected ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on their legitimacy.

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Lieberman faces primary fight

Democrats endorsed Sen. Joe Lieberman’s bid for a fourth term but an anti-war challenger collected enough delegates to force the senator into his first primary fight as an incumbent.

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